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Journals about paranoid

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by AnimeKitty, Aug 08, 2009
During most of the day, I felt paranoid that eveyone was silently critizing me on what I ch...
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by Nurse08_040486, Apr 25, 2009
Being a nurse is NOT benefiting me in this pregnancy... I am sooooo paranoid but in this ca...
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by netthetics, Apr 21, 2009
Is it going to kill me? First pill I took my BP went up, I was under stress, then it fell ...
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by hyeyung, Mar 01, 2009
It's always negative check marks for each tracker. When it rains, it pours. It never ...
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by hyeyung, Feb 16, 2009
The last question always makes me snicker - when don't I have issues? Bev called me to...
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by Arogyaya, Feb 12, 2009
Yesterday was really tough. I felt afraid, worried and maybe paranoid. It was hard to con...
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by amnesiadream, Feb 07, 2009
I had a pretty good day. I spent most of the day in my garden and then went to therapy whe...
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by Jennie456, Jan 05, 2009
Im feeling up and down the whole time, one minute i8'll be happy and the next minute so...
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by sadiesmommy, Nov 10, 2008 - 1 Comment
The boys have been so active lately and today I actually thought I was going to be sick at ...
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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 22, 2008
Ok, after Friday, I didn't have a major blow up with "WT" that works with me ...