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Journals about prozac


by Clicky888, Aug 01, 2014
depressed depressed depressed dipping into a low prozac increases to 20mg tomorrow

by CrazykC, Jul 11, 2010 - 3 Comments
Ive been a member since last year and I have come s0o0o far since Ive last logged on. A few...

by Krisiness, Jun 30, 2010
And by that I just mean I need to stop when I'm full. Freakin foods not going anywhere...

by Krisiness, May 20, 2010
I'm taking Xanax. I took it about ten minutes ago and feel nothing. I'm not sure ...

by ladyblue22, Apr 12, 2010
Well, just like I have suspected that my weight will go back has not failed me...:...

by Krisiness, Feb 16, 2010
To meds. Even when I spend the whole time I take them moaning about how I don't like t...

by daisymay99, Apr 13, 2009
I just had my doctors appointment. I feel better and I am going to see a counsler as part ...

by amnesiadream, Mar 15, 2009
I did things around the house all day getting ready for spring. We also went to home depot...

by amnesiadream, Feb 23, 2009
Had a doctor's appt with Dr Lowery and my prozac dosage has been increased. I'm ...

by amnesiadream, Feb 12, 2009
went to the gym and worked out. Also saw some flowers blooming in my garden so the kids an...