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What is your favorite personality trait in your kitty? One thing I really like is a kitty ...
Anyone watch The Vampire Diaries? Whose your favorite character and why? Also, what do you ...
Which day is your favorite? Why?
What was/is your favorite class/subject in school?
What is your favorite topic to talk about?
Why is it your favorite?
I thought I would ask what your favorite brand is? I always use ept! I'm curious to see wha...
Dear Santa, This year you took my favorite singer, MICHAEL JACKSON, my favorite act...
What is/are your Favorite Sport(s)?
What is/are your favorite TV Show(s)?
Journals about favorite(1)

by hyeyung, Mar 04, 2009
Exactly what the title says. You know how when you feel depressed you question wh...
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