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by tonyb286, Aug 24, 2015 - 6 Comments
This file is meant to delineate what the normal blood panel results should be for a dog and...
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by dobienamedraven, Jun 22, 2015
I had a female doberman turning 11 this November, but she still acted young and energetic,v...
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by LadyHawkArcher, Jun 21, 2014
Ever since June 6th my son had not stopped kicking. When my husband leaves and when he is h...
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by breezytoo, Feb 28, 2014 - 1 Comment
Hey Meddies, Well it has been only a week, but it seems like longer. I have checked Rusty...
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by MYoungAtHeart, Nov 28, 2013
Instinct As Guide: Animals in Women's Dreams by Barbara Platek And so it is Gol...
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by CharmaineZoe, Aug 12, 2013
OK, here I go again, back on Medhelp for another attempt at losing weight. The last time I ...
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by SaltyCowdawg, Apr 28, 2013
Yesterday (4/27) I decreed to my family that we were not going to waste the good weather on...
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by msteechur, Mar 14, 2013
First thing a student said today, "Wow Tory. You look like crap!" I felt like it ...
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by boz5886, Feb 21, 2013
Breathing issues with shortness of breath walking to/from Barkin Basin Dog Park. Probably w...
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by kimmielou137, Feb 12, 2013
Well I'm scared of dogs,big and little ones.I want one now though.It's been on my m...