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Journals about reduction


by alexanderhurley, Oct 11, 2014
You’ve used the eye creams. You’ve gotten plenty of rest. Nothing seems to work to help you...

by MarkFly1, Sep 21, 2013 - 4 Comments
Well, this past Wed. was the 16 week mark ... 5 weeks after stopping Telaprevir and many do...

by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Feb 09, 2012
Who knows how to breathe properly? Our body needs Breathing the same as cars need gas . Try...

by addicted2009, Oct 03, 2011
I started out this morning with only 1 pill instead of 2. I another one when I got to work....

by drblue, Sep 13, 2010
just got to do it! I am also getting to the therapeutic dose of cipralex. i am aware ...

by drblue, Sep 06, 2010
I AM NOW GOING TO FOCUS SOLELY ON THE DEPAKOTE! I have found the lithium, lamictal and...

by Marisen, Apr 23, 2010
Weight loss is a tricky balancing act that doesn't take kindly to swinging too much in...

by Jaynes, Jan 16, 2010
My methadone went down to 6ml YAY! I still have to pick up from the chemist 3 more times be...

by IMstacie, Jul 20, 2009 - 2 Comments
procrit only brought hb up to 9, nutrophils at 500, platets at 118. Doc want to reduce dos...

by Khiba, Mar 21, 2009 - 1 Comment
have been on LDN for 3 weeks now and seeing definate reduction in overall symptoms like pai...