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by gordita1979, Dec 04, 2012
I have been dreaming very very vivid dreams and not getting and rest. I am going for my fir...

by thanksalotpancreas, Dec 31, 2010
I had a dream that I was told if I "got rid of" my pump, I'd no longer be a ...

by AliceW, Mar 01, 2010 - 2 Comments
Symptoms are gone, March is here, and it's time to stop thinking about being a mother ...

by tlcisttc, Jun 20, 2009
So this morning I woke up to a horrible dream. It was about the Jeweller and he switched my...

by Toni303010, Feb 27, 2009
I slept alright. I had to get up a few times to urinate. I had vivid dreams and woke groggy...

by Toni303010, Feb 26, 2009
I slept hard, & had vivid dreams. I held the urge to go to the bathroom most of the nig...

by katie_did_13, Nov 28, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!!! 11:30pm Well I started the day off on the wrong foot. Not a goo...

by katie_did_13, Nov 28, 2008
9:00pm Well my quit date is quickly approaching. Instead of being nervous like I have be...

by katie_did_13, Nov 28, 2008
10:00pm Headache is still present. No change in pain level, not that I really expected i...

by katie_did_13, Nov 26, 2008
11:00pm Well still have the same headache, I can't get relief. Same pain level all ...