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Journals about beautiful

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by TreeHealing, Oct 14, 2013
I just wanted to add this in his memory because he is watching over me right now. I miss yo...
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by Gio77Italy, Nov 17, 2012
A inspirational film... about our planet Earth. French with English subtitles. http:...
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by abuelabx, Oct 17, 2010 - 6 Comments
What beautiful weather. Wish I could walk. I would take a long walk.
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by Krisiness, Feb 16, 2010
To meds. Even when I spend the whole time I take them moaning about how I don't like th...
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by Krisiness, Feb 09, 2010
Which basically means nothing. I was pretty tired today. I had one of those dreams like I ...
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by Krisiness, Jan 06, 2010
But it would seem I've been forgetting a lot about this recently. Maybe that says somet...
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by busykitties, Nov 20, 2009
Today, I am off sick with bronchitis. However, the good news is that my medications that t...
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by DarkSalem, May 23, 2009
friends out with other friends. not that I give a ****. mom out with brother. didn't...
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by daisymay99, May 02, 2009
The day was great. Ran errands then repotted plants outside, planted some bulbs, put out n...
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by tennille12209, Mar 20, 2009
I diddn't sleep well again last night.This is the 4th night in a row now i wake mid mor...