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by jessilb, Apr 02, 2013
Had an injection in my right hip today. I could barely walk all day, but what did I do? W...

by jessilb, Mar 19, 2013
I had to clean today because family coming over. So, increase pain. Then they are on me a...

by jessilb, Mar 16, 2013
Already talked about cleaning in other journals today. I am just in so much pain right now...

by jessilb, Feb 24, 2013
Walking, driving, stairs, emotional issues, standing out and walking in the cold, sitting i...

by jessilb, Feb 23, 2013
I drove 1 hr. to the city where my friend was getting married. Then I drove around more wi...

by jessilb, Feb 16, 2013
Got letter in the mail that I am overdrawn on my checking account. Only overdrawn 56 cents...

by shannonm75, Sep 05, 2012
Think I am over-medicated. I know my body. I know what I was taking was enough. New doctor ...

by tygerose, Dec 11, 2011
I've been depressed this past week and I've been taking a lot of naps. I don...

by kandisjoy, Feb 16, 2011
Hung out and ate/drank too much with Julie at Casa Ramos. It was fun but can't be a n...

by bridgeovertroubledwater, Feb 12, 2011
I believe this migraine was triggered from doing too much over exertion in projecting my vo...