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by jessilb, Apr 02, 2013
Had an injection in my right hip today. I could barely walk all day, but what did I do? W...
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by jessilb, Mar 19, 2013
I had to clean today because family coming over. So, increase pain. Then they are on me a...
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by jessilb, Mar 16, 2013
Already talked about cleaning in other journals today. I am just in so much pain right now...
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by jessilb, Feb 24, 2013
Walking, driving, stairs, emotional issues, standing out and walking in the cold, sitting i...
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by jessilb, Feb 23, 2013
I drove 1 hr. to the city where my friend was getting married. Then I drove around more wi...
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by jessilb, Feb 16, 2013
Got letter in the mail that I am overdrawn on my checking account. Only overdrawn 56 cents...
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by shannonm75, Sep 05, 2012
Think I am over-medicated. I know my body. I know what I was taking was enough. New doctor ...
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by tygerose, Dec 11, 2011
I've been depressed this past week and I've been taking a lot of naps. I don't...
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by kandisjoy, Feb 16, 2011
Hung out and ate/drank too much with Julie at Casa Ramos. It was fun but can't be a no...
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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Feb 12, 2011
I believe this migraine was triggered from doing too much over exertion in projecting my vo...