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by Rebecca Resnik, PsyDBlank, Jun 13, 2013
“I know there’s something wrong, but my husband won’t listen” “My son is suffering. His ...

by AmyMarie55, May 01, 2013
Well its been awhile since ive been on here...So glad its getting warm out again!!! Tait i...

by mhv, Mar 14, 2013 - 15 Comments
Ok, we are planning our first vacation with the twins for May. The twins will be 10months ...

by PurpleLush07, Feb 22, 2013 - 6 Comments
**Will try and update daily** Entry 2/21/2013: Today we are finally getting some answers...

by HelenGyan, Jan 14, 2013
I have recently suffered 2 missed miscarriages within the space of 2 years & now would ...

by GraceK101, Dec 31, 2012
I thought I'd share a little about myself and my family. My name is Grace and my husba...

by AHP84, Dec 20, 2012
As I was driving my kids to school this rainy, dreary morning, I had the local Christian ra...

by ronirave14, Dec 08, 2012
My daughter suffers from Mental Health issues and now addiction. I being a drug and alcohol...

by aspiring_mommy, Nov 03, 2012
From the time I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of being a mommy! That is why I wa...

by Jen4life12, Oct 22, 2012
I decided since i have 9.5 5/500 vicodin left, that I need to quit finally, and forever. I ...
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