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Journals about ultrasound


by msria12, Jun 02, 2014
Hi this wait is killing me, I still have 6 more day before I have my mammogram and Ultrasou...

by shadenallen, Dec 08, 2013 - 1 Comment
This is mine and my husbands first child. Morning sickness was unbelievably bad, all day ev...

by NewbeeJess, May 29, 2013
So I went to the obgyn on Tuesday ... Positive preg test yay .... I let them know i was hav...

by Dkalcey, May 14, 2013
Well I went to see my doctor today for an ultrasound and he saw one follicle measuring 11mm...

by curious49, Mar 12, 2013
i somehow let my thyroid medicine get out of control,my bloodwork two months ago was 77,my ...

by mommat21, Feb 07, 2013
Had my first Dr apt yesterday. Everything looks good. Did in an in office ultrasound b/c I&...

by frank_noahsmommy, Feb 01, 2013 - 14 Comments
I just got back from a surprise Dr visit. I went and had my beta checked yesterday and the...

by cangel1019, Nov 01, 2012
i went on oct 1st for my 6th insemination. i have to wait the 2 weeks for the blood work. i...

by saracasm5013, Nov 01, 2012
December 6-12, 2008: first period at the age of 13 years Late December 2009/early Januar...

by AmyUK89, Oct 26, 2012
The morning I woke up at 6am to get ready as I was scheduled for a scan at 8am (way to earl...
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