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My pitbull pup was going crazy for the smell of pumpkin. I was carving some pumpkins and I ...
I have gas and it feels like it is in my chest. Is it okay to take TUMs? I'm open to other...
I know that scented tampons aren't good for you "down there", but are scented pads okay?
I thought I was okay, then I read my posts. I put them to the wrong people. I look for po...
Hi. Im 14 and i have noticed that my penis is a little crooked when it's erect. (It also le...
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by calico333, Nov 03, 2014
I'm trying to see how my mood is effected during the whole day.. and try living m...

by tgtiffany, Aug 17, 2011 - 5 Comments
Hey everyone. I've found myself on pretty level ground these last couple of days...

by twinnyc25, Jun 18, 2011
okay i can say on my day off
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