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Hi--I'd like to see a menstrual cycle/TOM tracker able to overlay the wt tracker, as this t...
The sleep tracker tells you, when you are done filling it out, how many hours you slept and...
can you add progesterone as a treatment under the menstrual tracker?
You should add 'insomnia' to the list of menstrual symptoms as this is a common debilitatin...
I think a tracker where you can track your menstrual cycle, from symptoms, to actual menstr...
a tracker for self harm? periods?
Is it true that the chance of pregnancy lowers after having your period?
I think you should get a period tracker in here
Can acne be added to the menstrual cycle tracker for monitoring PMS and PMDD?
I was excited to see these added to the list of trackers, but I would really like to be abl...
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by aearly, Nov 05, 2013
started on November 3 and have had incredible pain since then because of dysmenorrhea....
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by ramblingrose911, Nov 01, 2013
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by nolesbby01, Mar 25, 2013
I started period on 12 feb. had sex feb 22 & march 6th. Now march 25 and no period...