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I have a one year old Australian Shepherd. She is a red merle, with amber colored eyes. In...
AMBER Alert (missing children) for Florida Currently active Posted 2 minutes ago Nationa...
hello again amber went for a follow up visit with the ep today. we got back the holter ...
hi everyone, amber had a visit with her cardiologist today. good news is her ef is up to ...
hello all.. update on amber we went for a follow up with ep in ann arbor on monday an...
Hi everyone... tonight is amber's last night living at home. Tomorrow we are moving her i...
Happy Holidays to All Amber had a visit to her cardiologist yesterday and we were given t...
Hi all amberrgen78 had her surgery changed from 8 AM on the 4th to 6 AM tomorrow the 3rd !!...
Can somebody tell me what these are and how it works plz?
Hi everyone, Amber had a checkup on Friday.. dr was kind of shocked when he listened to h...
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