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I haven't seen you post except once or twice the past couple of days... You feeling ok?
Sonic popcorn chicken with a ocean water :)!!!! What about you ladies
so what can i do if i am 14 and might me pregnant
I'm making spaghetti and garlic bread (: what are you ladies having?
Hello all, Jen asked me to update you all that she is being induced today... her BP was h...
I'm having mini cheese burgers and tator tots<3 what are yal having?
Well... much to DH and my surprise... we are having a boy!!!! We are very happy, everyth...
I come here to get away from life and spend time with wonderful people- I have never tried...
I wanted to share this website with you all- this park is right around the corner from my ...
Out of curiosity when did you start having cravings and what were your weirdest cravings?
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by Krisiness, Sep 21, 2010
And my drawing of baby Caelan is coming out well. I hope. Oh hell what do I know. She ...

by Krisiness, Aug 29, 2010
One last time before school starts. And it was real nice. Nice weather, no rain. ...

by Krisiness, Aug 24, 2010
Steve came over in the morning and played Godfather 2 and I played sims for a looong t...
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