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Journals about Hope

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by Hermitthefrog, Feb 01, 2016
It is after 3 am. I've been laying in bed and I can't get my brain to turn off. I...
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by APaigeM, Jan 07, 2016
My skin Burned like fire, all over and constantly, for over 2 years before I was diagnose...
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by JBull408, Nov 24, 2015
todays been tough.. Not dope sick tough but its been a mentally tough day. Im a strong beli...
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by kallieek, May 30, 2015
My anxiety has reached the point where it is debilitating. I really hope this passes soon. ...
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by Mercedes28, May 14, 2015
I told myself not to test this morning because its too early and I'm wasting tests. Bu...
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by Criddybuggin, Mar 21, 2015 - 1 Comment
I believe in the power of prayers and faith. I recently had a visit from my good freinds t...
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by lindah57, Jan 06, 2015
I'm a month in treatment. So far I've had nausea, headaches and the general feeling...
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by calico333, Nov 03, 2014
I'm trying to see how my mood is effected during the whole day.. and try living my life...
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by Beanie0, Oct 15, 2014
The only way I reached to the point of taking a more responsible attitude has been as a res...
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by Gimpynurse, Sep 13, 2014
Pain started two weeks ago. I was sitting 13 hours in a straight up position. Went to chiro...