The Chronic Pain Couch
Pain Management - 817 members
This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.
Anxiety Disorder
Mental Health - 219 members
Suffering from frequent panic attacks? You're not alone.
Migraineurs Support
Neurology - 202 members
A place for migraineurs to discuss anything and everything related to migraines. Topic suggestions: Think of this as a support group for migraineurs. Reach out to group members when ever you need support. Give your support to fellow migraineurs. You, as a migraineur yourself, probably have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. The knowledge that you have could vastly improve the quality of life for another group member. Share share share! Discuss your current acute and preventative treatment plans. Ask others about their current acute and preventative treatment plans. Discuss past acute and preventative treatment plans as well... we can always learn something from what didn't work! Discuss your own personal tips and tricks for lessening the severity of acute migraine attacks. Post about your upcoming GP or Neurologist appointments. Ask other group members questions about what to expect and suggestions on how to prepare. Update fellow group members on your progress... both on set backs (so that we can provide support, suggestions and hope!) and on successes (so that we can congratulate you and so that you can provide other group members with hope!).
benzodiazapene withdrawal
General Health - 29 members
help and discussions for people trying to get off dr prescribed benzos
TTC Over 40
Pregnancy - 421 members
support group for women who are trying to conceive or have conceived a child over the age of forty
Panic attacks and anxiety disorder
Mental Health - 94 members
For those people who suffer from panic attacks even with meds, types of treatment,SAD effects and methods of dealing with them.
Midlife Crisis
Sexual Health - 40 members
A place where people can come to discuss their experience with midlife crisis. Support and words of wisdom for the spouse that is not in crisis, what is going on in the head of the spouse who is in crisis, how each party can best handle it, what works and does not work.
Thyroid - 36 members
For those who are dizzy for no apparent reason. Like when you first exit a rollercoaster. Especially when you exercise, eat too many carbs, etc. An engine running type feeling inside the head and/or chest also. Not exactly vertigo The room isn't spinning, its an earthquake feeling inside.
HIV Anxiety Support
HIV/STDs - 1288 members
This support group is for those who are suffering from stress or anxiety associated with uncertain HIV status. HIV anxiety is extremely isolating for those who are going through it, as it is often very difficult to discuss with friends and family members. This group is provided for sufferers of HIV anxiety to discuss their fears in a supportive environment. Those with anxiety over non-HIV STDs are also welcome. For personal advice concerning HIV risk, testing, and prevention, please post in the HIV Prevention Community.
real paranormal activity
MedHelp General - 135 members
some people have had real paranormal activity in their own houses,jobs, or neighborhood. some people dont believe in the "after life" i do and i think i have expirenced it a few times. this is a place where you can share any kind of expirence you have had with the after life, paranormal, or ghost. weather it be friends, family, or someone just trying to tell you something from the other side.
Current Events . . .
MedHelp General - 43 members
This is a place where we can discuss current events - what happens around the world and is reported in the news. Healthy debates and discussions regarding issues we feel strongly about will be allowed; however, personal attacks will not be tolerated, nor will threads and/or comments that are argumentative, combative, or offensive. You *must* post a link to your source, or indicate if you heard it on TV, read a magazine/newspaper article, and indicate what radio/TV station, magazine/newspaper or your thread will be deleted. Remember, this is "Current Events", not "Current Arguments".
mental health chats
Mental Health - 391 members
I noticed there are many groups for each illness. So I thought of an idea to have a group where we can talk about many different mental illnesses, share our stories, suport each other, and hopefully make friends. Anyone is welcome who has a mental illness or knows someone who does or is just interested in this discussion. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, schitzophrania, and ect. So feel free to mintion other mental or emotional problems that arn't listed too.
HIV: Are you the risk factor?
HIV/STDs - 37 members
We are now under NEW MANAGEMENT. We hope to provide comfort to those who believe they may have contracted HIV, while also providing instructive and educated reasoning and guidance.
Teenage Pregnancy
Pregnancy - 3 members
Are you a teenager and and expecting a child? If so, please join this group
Women's Health Center
Women's Health - 173 members
Utilize minimally invasive surgery, high-resolution ultrasound imaging, preventive women’s health techniques, and management of both high risk and normal pregnancies to provide comprehensive care for women of all ages, all while maintaining a personal touch.
Do you have any kind of news--old or new or growing old that you want to share? Do you want to discuss issues that are of concern in the news? Do you want to share a perspective on how things are going in our Country, another country? This group is for covering the whole wide world because everyone is equally important whether we agree or disagree with their beliefs. The news can include information you want to share that you consider "news" worthy. If we do quote a news source, let's try to use a legitimate one. No extreme, shock journalism please.
Addicted to pills
Addiction - 29 members
This group is for those of us who are addicted to Percocet, Vicodin, Norco, etc. and want to be free of these drugs, but need some support.
Diabetes - 4 members
PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU STILL WANT TO USE INSULIN TO CONTROL YOU GLUCOSE LEVELS. This group is for the people who wants to control the glucose levels naturally and without medication. I know the pains a diabetic patient has to take in his life time. Once diagnosed with Diabetes there is no way one could get out of this. However in today's technolgical environment finally I have found a solution.
What do you think about that?
Private - Healthy Living - 27 members
A group that was recently formed stated that they want people with "strong opinions" but left the part out that you are not allowed to have a strong "opposing opinion". So, you're not free to talk openly and without judgement there. What do you think of talking about whatever you want to talk about? Here? Anything goes.... rant or rave away.
Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs
Pets - 96 members
A group for information and discussion and for emotional support for owners and companions of dogs with Chronic Kidney Failure. This is a complex and traumatic illness and affects about a third of all dogs over the age of 12yrs. While there is (as yet) no cure for this disease, there are things that can be done to improve and extend the quality of life for our best friends - and when all else fails, there are people that have traveled this path already that can offer empathy and support to grieving owners. If you wish to ask questions or talk about a particular dog, please head your thread with your dog's name, as this will help identify the discussion.
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Neurology - 4 members
Injuries to the brain, usually caused from something other than congenital. Examples are trauma (hit to the head, "concussion," stroke, hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain for some reason), falls, penetrating wounds to the head, etc. Often times behaviors change, cognitive difficulties develop, personalities can change, difficulties in executive function (e.g. setting goals/priorities, decision-making, motivation, planning, self-awareness, impulsivity), loss of memory, change of mood and social behavior can occur. In addition, these injuries are often missed completely since diagnostic testing are normal. However cumulative blows to the head cause more damage. People with these injuries tend to become anti-social and need support. That is why this group is support each other, ask questions, and learn from each other and ways to cope. This group is open to survivors, caretakers, and friends of people affected by this type of injury.
Period Question
Women's Health - 13 members
I spotted last sunday, January 18th, and my period isnt due until February 2md. should I be concerned. Im 19 and my periods havent been very regular.
Beyond SVR - improving liver heath
Hepatitis - 14 members
The purpose of this group is to address issues of improving liver health after being cured of Hep C Some of the main topics will be: 1) A forum for those who have achieved SVR but are still living with the long teem effects of poor liver function 2) Research and anecdotes or happy endings about livers actually improving after the virus is gone 3) Strategies that have worked to improve liver health 4) Hope and encouragement about how one's liver really can improve over time 5) Science and data and more science and data 6) Sounding board for those who have been cured but still face important questions about lingering symptoms from cirrhosis or liver disease
This is a Public Group test
Diabetes - 2 members
Public group test created by LiliaMC
TTC with PCOS and over 40
Pregnancy - 1 member
For anyone trying to conceive who has PCOS and 40+.