Animal Lovers Group
Pets - 202 members
This is a group for anyone who has a strong love of animals. Members of this group may chat about daily happenings related to animals, pets, etc.
Anxiety Disorder
Mental Health - 222 members
Suffering from frequent panic attacks? You're not alone.
Any wow addicts out there
Addiction - 9 members
world of warcraft addicts
Always Dreaming
Sleep Disorders - 105 members
This is a group to chat about any dreams you have had while you were sleeping, and/or about lucid dreaming.
Any Video Gamers Here
MedHelp General - 31 members
This is a group for anyone who loves to play any kinds of Video Games, and/or PC games.
All about TV Shows and Movies
MedHelp General - 49 members
A group to chat about any TV shows and/or Movies.
All around
MedHelp General - 13 members
Feel free to talk about anything.
anxiety related disorders
Mental Health - 123 members
If your feeling unreal, dissociated or away from yourself, your not alone, there is help at hand
Angst og depresjon
Pain Management - 6 members
En gruppe hvor vi kan diskutere angst og depresjon, samt medisiner og behandlinger. Vi kan utveksle erfaringer og tanker knyttet rundt depresjon og angst og samtidig få tips fra hverandre om hva som gjør tilstanden bedre.
Always Knackered
Sleep Disorders - 9 members
Always tired can't escape the lethargy . Share stories and experiences .
Alzheimer's Caregivers
Senior Health - 2 members
Caregivers of relatives with Alzheimer's disease are not only under extreme stress, but are subject to illness themselves and a high percentage of them will die before their Alzheimer's patient. How are you coping with this disease? What support do you have.need?
Anal and Rectal Disorders
Pain Management - 26 members
I have spent a considerable amount of time in the last eight months researching pain in the anorectal area. I know from doing the research that there are many people out there with Fissures, Fistulas and assorted other problems, who are going through the same pain as I am experiencing on a daily basis. So, I thought it would be good to form a little group where we could share the problems, and what you have done or are doing to remedy things. I am not a nurse or in the medical profession, just someone going through constant pain and happy to share it!
Am I or aren't I?
Pregnancy - 16 members
those signs that seem real but is it just a case of all in your head..
All About Work
MedHelp General - 2 members
Let's talk about work! Our loves, our hates, our questions. Please refrain from mentioning business names or real names of people, to protect their privacy, as well as some dignity. :)
Anorexia and bulimia
Mental Health - 13 members
I didn't see a group for these specific 2 eating disorders, I saw and joined the general eating disorder group but wanted to see a self help group for these 2 in general for questions and answers, etc.
am I pregnant
Pregnancy - 7 members
People who are not sure if they are pregnant
Folks that have had the (ACDF) procedure and are either having the procedure done in the future or folks that are currently recovering from the procedure as well of all of those who have had the surgery. All experiences, stories, and questions are invited.
All About Sex
Sexual Health - 7 members
A safe place to discuss anything about sex, intimacy, etc… Don't be shy… anything goes
Anal problems
Digestive - 2 members
I've been bleeding rectal for 13 yrs now. I have a hard time pooping and when I'm done I have to push my insides back up in my anus. I recently found a lump on the inside wall that was never there before. Every time I go to the er or the doctor they just prescribe me hydrocordisone suppositories or oral laxatives. No tests. Is it cuz I'm on the government medical program?
Addiction - 2 members
Just noticed that there is no group specially for alcoholism. (Unless I missed It) Perhaps one specializing in this one addiction would be of interest to members who are having trouble with alcohol at any stage. A good conversational group would be helpful to those of use struggling with the disease. The group is open to all with any interest in the disease. No gender, race, or other barriers to being a member.
Thyroid - 1 member
Hair Loss
MedHelp General - 1 member
Hi this group is for people who suffer with anxiety like me hopefully we can all help each other out
anxiety support group
MedHelp General - 1 member
Hi this group is for people who suffer with anxiety like me hopefully we can all help each other out
anxiety help
MedHelp General - 1 member
Hi this group is for people who suffer with anxiety like me hopefully we can all help each other out
All Pains
Diabetes - 4 members
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