Private - Children's Health - 1 member
Support and Education for parents who have children with AD/HD.
Always Dreaming
Sleep Disorders - 103 members
This is a group to chat about any dreams you have had while you were sleeping, and/or about lucid dreaming.
Adorable Paws
Pets - 57 members
This is a group to talk about anything relating to dogs such as dog training, dog breeds, etc.
All about TV Shows and Movies
MedHelp General - 51 members
A group to chat about any TV shows and/or Movies.
All around
MedHelp General - 13 members
Feel free to talk about anything.
Private - Organ Donors - 6 members
Just a view into pregnant mothers who have had or have an addiction whilst being regnant.
Always Knackered
Sleep Disorders - 9 members
Always tired can't escape the lethargy . Share stories and experiences .
Adult ADHD
General Health - 46 members
For adults who have ADD/ADHD, suspect they might, or anyone who lives with, loves or works with an ADHD adult! Join us in sharing your experiences, questions, and (especially the tools or strategies you use to perform at your best level).
Alzheimer's Caregivers
Senior Health - 2 members
Caregivers of relatives with Alzheimer's disease are not only under extreme stress, but are subject to illness themselves and a high percentage of them will die before their Alzheimer's patient. How are you coping with this disease? What support do you have.need?
ADHD teens and young adults
Diabetes - 7 members
those that suffering adhd will get helpful advise cause i (stryker0014) am a teen suffering with adhd too
All About Work
MedHelp General - 2 members
Let's talk about work! Our loves, our hates, our questions. Please refrain from mentioning business names or real names of people, to protect their privacy, as well as some dignity. :)
Women Age 35+ Trying to Conceive First Baby After Having IUD/Mirena Removed
Aids nd hiv
HIV/STDs - 1 member
This forum is for anyone struggling with accepting a parent having HIV nd AIDS
alcohol abuse treatment centers
General Health - 1 member

alcohol abuse treatment centers
National Therapeutic Services Inc. is a nationally recognized drug rehab center offering mental health and addiction services in Orange County California. Start living sober today.

Adults with ADHD
Healthy Living - 1 member
Comment on the challenges of leading a life wuth ADHD. Particularly if diagnosed as an adult. Sharing possible tips for leading a happier organized life style.
Alcohol Outpatient Programs
Diabetes - 1 member
Alcohol Outpatient Programs
National Therapeutic Services Inc. is a nationally recognized drug rehab center offering mental health and addiction services in Orange County California. Start living sober today.
Affordable surgery
Healthy Living - 2 members
Mayo hopkins Global Health care services provides affordable health care and treatment .They provide instant approach to our health related problems .
All About Sex
Sexual Health - 6 members
A safe place to discuss anything about sex, intimacy, etc… Don't be shy… anything goes
Adult Peddar Willi Syndrome
Rare Diseases - 1 member
We can discuss this in details specially in case of adults.
Addiction - 2 members
Just noticed that there is no group specially for alcoholism. (Unless I missed It) Perhaps one specializing in this one addiction would be of interest to members who are having trouble with alcohol at any stage. A good conversational group would be helpful to those of use struggling with the disease. The group is open to all with any interest in the disease. No gender, race, or other barriers to being a member.
Adjustment Disorder
Mental Health - 1 member
A newer condition in the mental health community not to well known yet.
Thyroid - 1 member
Hair Loss
alcohol recovery
Healthy Living - 1 member
Believe Treatment Center is a state licensed drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
All Pains
Diabetes - 2 members
All natural Pain relief... 5 essential oils can change your life.... MaxPR35 is an all Natural spray that works in seconds to relieve aches and pains!