Pulmonary Fibrosis
Respiratory Disorders - 6 members
A Lung Diease called Usual Interstitial Pneumonitis, better known a UIP. Its not rare but somewhat unusal. The cause, treatment. nor cure, at this time is not known. Usual ( meaning chronic) Interstital (meaning in the tissues of the lung) Pneumonitis, So chronic Pneunmon thats settles in the tissues of the lungs, then hardens, and turns into scar tissue, then arthritis sets in. As it progress it makes a honey comb effect inside the tissues and will finally cause the lungs to stop functioning
Purnendu bhusan Bhattacharya
Private - Senior Health - 1 member
Ostio arthisis, SpinalCord , General Health ect.
Rare diseases- breaking down the barriers
MedHelp General - 20 members
Poviding opportunity to discuss and create awareness of the issues faced by rare condition sufferers and their families. Rare diseases can often leave patients and their loved ones feeling isolated, yet the issues we face are common. By speaking with one voice, we can together evoke change. Your story is unique, and we invite you to join our group and share your experiences.
Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis
Orthopedics - 63 members
Hai there, I am creating this group to share feelings and information related to Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthirits in general. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings and how do you cope with the arthritis pain associated with psoriatic arthritis
Ranaesheart Weight Loss Success Tips
Healthy Living - 32 members
We are in this together to support each other, lose weight, learn,explore and experience the journey of a lifetime! Lets make this POSITIVE,MOTIVATIONAL and ENLIGHTENING!!! The joy is in the journey and the knowledge and friendships that are gained along the way. Come join us and lets make history!
real paranormal activity
MedHelp General - 124 members
some people have had real paranormal activity in their own houses,jobs, or neighborhood. some people dont believe in the "after life" i do and i think i have expirenced it a few times. this is a place where you can share any kind of expirence you have had with the after life, paranormal, or ghost. weather it be friends, family, or someone just trying to tell you something from the other side.
Mental/Emotional Health - 116 members
The function of this group is to discuss, in an objective, fact-based fashion, the therapeutic benefits, adverse effects, interactions and risks of psychopharmacological agents.
Alternative Medicine - 1 member
This group is for discussing Real Wellness Solutions for health care concerns. Our focus is primarily on all NATURAL solutions for many health challenges facing us today. We are looking for all natural alternatives that will help us reclaim our health and independence from phamaceutical drugs. Please feel free to share your products and or testimonials. There is HOPE!!!
Children's Health - 5 members
Rehabilitation Center
General Health - 2 members
specialize in orthopedic, neurological and medical care for adults who are in need of these services
Proud To Be A Mommy/Mom 2 Be
MedHelp General - 2 members
This Is A Group For ALL The Mommies!
ready to quit
Sexual Health - 1 member
if your ready to start a new life without the same problem everyday. its time to help each other
Reincarnation is real
Mental/Emotional Health - 2 members
This group is beleavers of reincarnation
Relationships / Emotions
Mental/Emotional Health - 7 members
I made this group because i was thinking about how im always getting dumped and : \ girls telln me they think im cute but i dont I have never dumped a girl in my life im still in love with rachel i think u all know that
Random questions
MedHelp General - 2 members
If you have a question and dont know which section your question goes into, you can easily post it here!
Radiology Technician
MedHelp General - 2 members
If anyone wants to make a career as a radiology technician and don't have any idea regarding this field then you can get some help from the following site :(Please copy the URL and paste it to your browser) For further information then you can contact me ( ) . If anyone is having any information regarding Radiology Technician please suggest.
Heart - 2 members
What matters at heart....
share your views,facts,opinions,stories or expertise to others experiencing or past experiences on Prostatitis, I will share mine when i have the time and energy thank you and spread the group:)
Pulsitile tinnitus
Ear, Nose, Throat - 2 members
When you hear your heart beat in your ear, it can be very annoying or worse. If anyone has any suggestions for coping with this noise and sleeping without sleep medication, I would love to discuss it.
Quiting Methadone Cold Turkey
Addiction - 1 member
Its my 1st day without methadone and im gonna need some friendly understanding supporters to come with me on my journey.. And if you want you can quit with me! Xoxo-Katt (age 31)
Diabetes - 1 member [url=]boca raton foreclosure attorney[/url] boca raton foreclosure attorney
rape and sexual assault
Mental/Emotional Health - 4 members
for anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault. a safe place to come and talk about how you are feeling or just to be around people like yourself...
questions and concerns
General Health - 4 members
I had a doctor's appointment the other day and forgot to mention to the doctor about a concern. Maybe someone or here can give some advise? About a week ago or so, I blew my nose and nothing but blood came out. Now I'm not know for having bloody noses, in fact I have never had one in my life (to the best of my knowledge) and I was told by a couple people, including my mom, that it's just the dry air. (I mean I do live in Colorado, it does get very dry here) but I have lived here for over 10 years and have never had this happen to me. So this was very frightening to me. Note every once in a while when I blew my nose, there's a little bit of blood. Nothing to worry about though, but that first time, there was quite a bit. Anyone know if this happens during pregnancy, or what might have caused it, and if it its something to worry about? Again,I know people get them, it's normal, but I have never had one in my life...why now?
Rant & Rave
Mental/Emotional Health - 10 members
This is a group wherein a person who is passionate can express themselves. Without offending another. There are many things going on in the world, and many times a person must first vent then gain an ability to evaluate. Not for the faint of heart.
Pure Nitro Max
Diabetes - 1 member
Champion anyone wanting to build shape and develop his or her body with weight training for help for athletics are just trying to look and feel better is faced with the same challenge building muscle mass most types away training pioneered and developed by bodybuilders over the past several decades do build muscle but building the maximum amount man and spring possible requires a veryspecific approach to progressive resistance training and the application of certain Leader Training principles more than others there is a specific type a training just for this why there are your principles for quality and definition were are also we're press for forgetting big massive muscles in this state we will describe the most effective and efficient ways of training for mass and strength and examine which leader principles are most helpful in achieving these goals we will answer such questions as one exercises are best for mass training how much weight do you need to build maximum size what kind of reps in such programs should you follow how often should you trade how quickly how much rest and recuperation got special training principles should you employ and what kind of diet is best forgetting big and strong of course the overall volume up the muscles affected by a number of factors Michael Cindery on mass for example the energy factories within a muscle cell like origination.