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This is a group for anyone of any age, to get together to create/play games. If you would like, this is also a place in where you can chat about any kinds of games. Ex. Video Games, Board Games, Card games, etc. A great place to help ease your mind of your pain and have fun!!!!! :)
Prayer Group
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I have always thought this place needed a prayer forum. Everyone on this site has rough days from time to time or even all of the time and prayer seems to help me get through my roughest days. Since MedHelp no longer allows religious discussions, that doesn't mean we can't pray for each other and our loved ones. Post your prayers and let the healing begin!
Positive Thoughts
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Hi, My name is Survivable. Two years ago I started concentrating on Daily Positive Thoughts, and it has helped improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual, life. If you agree, join this group, read my daily thoughts, add your positive thoughts, and/or comment. Thanks for visiting.
Postpolio Syndrome
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Decades after recovery from polio, new symptoms of pain, weakness and extreme fatigue begin in about 50% of survivors.
Postsurgical Bowel Dysfunction
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Sometimes also know as "lower anterior resection syndrome," postsurgical bowel dysfunction is characterized by frequent fecal elimination in small quantities over several hours(sometimes with great urgency) following the removal of the rectum or colon or parts thereof. I'm interested in communicating with people who have dealt with this problem and what they did to improve it. Thank you
Prayer Warriors
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come join and become a prayer warrior or leave your prayer request and I pray for you, For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
potty training
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Kids potty training
Pound for a Pound
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We are a community of people losing weight on purpose. Pound for a Pound affords us the opportunity to lose weight and for every pound we lose, a pound of food is sent to starving children ($10 donation).
This is a public group for plus-size women who are TTC or pregnant. Let's share our experiences and concerns while we celebrate our curves and enjoy the new additions to our families.
POAS Addicts
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POAS Anonymous Group All of us in the trying to conceive game have been there. You find yourself wanting to fulfill the satisfaction of doing an hpt but know very well it's too early. Well at POASAG we don't judge!
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This group is for all the wonderful ladies having their baby in June 2011
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A community for women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Poplar Hill
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I'm hoping this will be a way that we can see each other's trackers...haven't figured it out yet.
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Every where, every day, every one is going through something in their life that they are have an issue dealing with and no one to talk to about it. This can be a place where you can share the crisis you are going through without being judged and someone can help you with some information or even a kind word! Your never alone and should never feel that way. Please be kind and helpful when someone opens their heart with a question! We all have feelings and sometime they hurt! This group is for everyday problems and for something very personal and serious going on that is having a very tragic effect on you mentally and physically.
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It's funny how this is affecting so many women world wide and it's such a hush hush issue. Please speak about your experiences and what helped you.
So I havent seen any recent Forums about this. I am 31 and I had my tubal done in 2001 at age 22. I have regretted it for about the last 6 yrs. I want to know how many woman have regretted ther tubals and if any have goteen pregnant afterwards and if they had normal pregnancies.
Pregnancy & Childrearing after 40
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For women who conceive after 40 years of age and their pregnancy journey and to discuss subsequent childrearing issues/concerns for older parents.
Positive Thinking
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This group is to help people needing support towards betterment of life , a channel to motivate members.Thinking, emotions, and behaviors intertwine very closely and each can change the others. This forum would focus on the importance of our thoughts, how they help or trouble us, and what to do about our counterproductive thought habits. Place for everyone to share stress and seek help.
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Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes. For those who have discovered they have little to no amniotic fluid. Also for those that experienced this in the past, to help give insight.
Pituitary Disorders Support
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To discuss pituitary disorders - getting diagnosed, what to do once diagnosed, support pre and post surgery or other treatments. For those that are or have hypopituitary, panhypopituitary, Cushing's disease, Acromegaly, Growth Hormone Deficiency (adult and children), Prolactinoma, Non-functioning tumors, LH/FSH secreting tumors, TSH secreting tumors, Ratke's cleft cysts, Diabetes Insipidus and/or craniopharyngiomas.
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
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This group is for questions and answers to all our problems from people who suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
It was 1987 that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I dealt well with the symptoms with Ibuprofen and a tricyclic antidepressant to help with sleep and some of the pain. It was hard but I completed a two year degree in medicine raising two kids by myself. I ended up having to stop Ibuprofen in 92 due to a duodenal ulcer. In 1999 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C and underwent treatment for nine months ending on the very last day of the year 2000. My symptoms for the fibromyalgia went into remission within a month of starting the treatment, so I considered that the symptoms may have been the hepatitis all along. Entering into the year 2001 and receiving the good news, that my numbers were less than 100! I was a responder. I felt better on the treatment than I had in years. So, I thought it was time for my five year partnership with a great guy end in tying the knot. We had a small ceremony in our home on January 27, 2001. Within approximately a month, I started noticing symptoms. They were the same fibro symptoms I had dealt with for 13 years! However, by two months AFTER TREATMENT, all of the symptoms from the fibromyalgia were back; but this time the pain was worse by tenfold. I was in tears daily due to the pain. The inability to concentrate (which was a symptom I acquired more intensely during treatment) is disabling me, now, from doing the documentation that is a MUST as the owner of an Adult Family Home! The fatigue, the sleep problems and all the rest of the crazy symptoms from fibromyalgia were back but with a vengeance. Or..., maybe, the fibro is back with the added benefit of post hepatitis C treatment symptoms. Or, perhaps it is all due to the nine months of injecting chemicals into my belly and popping handfuls of drugs! What ever the case, I feel like I'm in both boats... I responded to the treatment and feeling great, I celebrated my WIN by getting married. Then I'm slammed with more misery then I have ever before experienced. How do I tell my new husband that I'm not sure I can keep running this business that he just bought a house for because we were going to lose it to the landlord selling! This is just crazy! I'm better but I feel worse than ever! What is worse, I am not able to take Ibuprofen or, now, Tylenol because of my all ready compromised liver. That was 2001. I started on chronic opioid therapy in the summer of that year or I was going to have to shut down a loving care home and turn my back on several people who loved living here and whom I loved. Thank God I researched chronic opioid therapy thoroughly before even talking with my doctor about it; and, I have remained completely compliant with dispensing my medications! By the grace of God and a few good employee's, I was able to hang in there for a few more years. I closed my business on the last day of 2005 but continued caring for one gentleman who had been there for ten years until he died in 2010 and my mom spent her last year with me in mid 2007 to mid 2008. Believe me though, it has been an extremely hard life and I have neglected many of my own needs and now Social Security doesn't think I have earned my right to disability. Forty years of working. Often carrying a full time job and a part time job just to make ends meet while raising my kids and almost NEVER calling in sick unless I thought it would be harmful to other's or I simply could not get my head out of the toilet. Here it is, 2014, I can hardly function. I can't stay focused on the task at hand. I have all the above symptoms, severe osteoarthritis, severe colitis, and some neurological symptoms that make me drop things constantly. I am very shaky I can't stand for more than 5-10 minutes, sit up for more than ten minute to a half an hour without becoming too uncomfortable and I never sleep more than two hours at a time without needing to sit up quickly due to pain. So I don't ever feel rested. Camping, fishing, gardening, dancing not even an option even though I am no longer tied down to caring for anyone. Hell, I can’t even get my dishes caught up! So, responder or not, fibromyalgia or not, I think there is something there concerning the issue of post treatment symptoms. I also think that fibromyalgia is a stealth virus that was introduced in the form of a polio vaccine that was tainted with the cytomegalovirus found in the monkeys that they grow the vaccine in. A virus that affects the brain which accounts for the variety of symptoms depending on which part of the brain that is most affected. A virus that is sensitive to the antiviral drugs that are involved with the treatment of Hepatitis C. That is my story, and I am sticking to it! Strong supporter of Dr. W. John Martin! (He isolated this “Stealth Virus” in his research of vaccinations that he was paid to research. The Government had him research vaccinations but stripped him of his license when he found something that pointed the finger straight at the Government!!)
Possibly pregnant from Clomid
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This is my second round of Clomid and I took an ovulation test and it came up positive. I am almost due for my next period but I have been experiencing tender/sore breasts, cramping & bloating. Does anyone know if these could be side effects from the Clomid or could I possibly be pregnant? I took a test a few days ago but it was negative but I think it was too early for me to take a test. I also suffer from PCOS. Thanks.
please dont be genital herpes
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Alright I'm going to try and make this as informative as possible and give you the best possible timeline I can. this is very humbling but I'm going to be honest. About 5 months ago I started sleeping with this women. About twice a week. About a week and a half ago I started to experience burning when I peed and figured it would go away, I happened to masterbate a lot that week for some reason and I got a little sore when there was a ton of friction and this isn't unusual I have had it before from over friction from ether sex or masturbation and it heals in a couple days. So I put some antibiotic cream on it that was left over in the house that was used for a burn someone had in my family. Well a couple days after that I started to develop some bumps that itch on the shaft of my penis and my penis is very sensitive and still burning when I pee. Iv done a lot of research and they do not look like warts and they are not really blisters either. My sore is still healing but seems to be healing slowly and remember I am positive this sore is from over friction now a herpe sore. But these itchy raised parts of skin on my shaft I guess would like they are more of a rash of some sort at this stage. I'm extremely worried they could be herpes or genital warts but of all the pics iv seen on the Internet it leads me to believe maybe it's a fungus infection that maybe started from my open cut or a reaction to the cream I put on the cut. I don't know but I'm freaking out and absolutely humiliated to go into a doctor and have them look at my penis. Could it be herpes? Could it be something else? (Pleas god let it be something else) could it be gonorrea? Clamydia? Someone help. If you have any more questions ill respond
post concussion syndrome
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Post concussion