Percocet Recovery.
Addiction - 30 members
A group for those who have battled or is currently battling an addiction with Percocet. In this group, we can all talk about our stories, where we are today and what we expect for the future!
panic disorder group
Mental Health - 39 members
We are a group that has panic disorder.
Panic attacks and anxiety disorder
Mental Health - 93 members
For those people who suffer from panic attacks even with meds, types of treatment,SAD effects and methods of dealing with them.
To help and gauide the caregivers of PVS & MCS persons.
people with severe systolic dysfunction
Private - Heart - 1 member
patient of severe systolic dysfunction
Persistent nausea
General Health - 3 members
Daily feelings of nausea for no apparent reason
Patients and Doctors
MedHelp General - 7 members
Having numerous doctor appointments over the years, I have found myself in a variety of circumstances regarding patient doctor relationships. While the positive list is much smaller than the negative list, it is more important and worth a ten year search to find a quality primary care physician. Experience is a great teacher and sharing experiences can be very helpful to many people. A beating heart indicates life, Love and a beating heart brings kindness, trust, concern, comfort, encouragement, and a desire to help others. The goal - to improve doctor patient relationships by taking a look at what is happening and learning how to make things better.
Parent IEP/Special Education Community
Children's Health - 34 members
A community for parents to ask questions regarding their child's IEP program and discuss options with other parents on how to get through the process. We are also all here to support each other when we all go through the challenges and miscommunications that can definitely occur when going through the IEP/Special Education process. Our children are a gift and should be treated that way.
panic attack
Mental Health - 19 members
What is a panic attack? A panic attack can only be described as a comprehensive emotional nightmare. Some people with panic feel like they are in an escalating cycle of catastrophe and doom and that something bad is going to happen to them "right now this very moment." Others feel as if they are having a heart attack as their heart races. The heart palpitations convince them that they are about to have an attack. Other people feel that they are going to "lose control" of themselves and will do something embarrassing in front of other people. Others breathe so quickly, gasping for air, that they hyperventilate and feel like they will suffocate from lack of oxygen. Common symptoms of panic include: a racing or pounding heartbeat dizziness and lightheadedness feeling that "I can’t catch my breath" chest pains or a "heaviness" in the chest flushes or chills tingling in the hands, feet, legs, arms jumpiness, trembling, twitching muscles sweaty palms, flushed face terror fear of losing control fear of a stroke that will lead to disability fear of dying fear of going crazy A panic attack typically lasts several long minutes and is one of the most distressing conditions a person can experience. In some cases, panic attacks have been known to last for longer periods of time or to recur very quickly over and over again. The aftermath of a panic attack is very painful. Feelings of depression and helplessness are usually experienced. The greatest fear is that the panic attack will come back again and again, making life too miserable to bear. Panic is not necessarily brought on by a recognizable circumstance, and it may remain a mystery to the person involved. These attacks come "out of the blue". At other times, excessive stress or other negative life conditions can trigger an attack. Sadly, many people do not seek help for panic attacks, agoraphobia, and anxiety-related difficulties. This is especially tragic because panic and other anxiety disorders are treatable conditions that respond well to relatively short-term therapy. The National Institutes of Mental Health is currently conducting a nationwide campaign to educate the general public and health care practitioners that panic and the other anxiety disorders are some of the most successfully treated psychological problems. Clinical research provides us with a solid blueprint of cognitive, emotional and behavioral methods that can help us overcome anxiety disorders, such as panic and/or agoraphobia. Today, panic attacks and agoraphobia can be treated successfully in the vast majority of cases. In fact, it is estimated that the appropriate therapy from a knowledgeable therapist helps over 90% of panic sufferers. Cognitive/behavioral therapy is a relatively new treatment for panic and agoraphobia that has been shown to be successful. Instead of using old-fashioned analysis-based techniques, therapists employing new CBT methods focus on the present panic -- and how to eliminate it. Thus, CBT has legitimately been called "how to" therapy. That is, the focus is on "how to" eliminate the thoughts and feelings that lead to the vicious cycle of panic and anxiety. People who experience panic and agoraphobia, are not "crazy" and do not need to be in therapy for extended periods of time. Sessions depend on the severity and length of the problem and the willingness of the client to actively participate in treatment. When a person with panic is motivated to practice and try new techniques, that person is literally changing the way their brain responds. When you change the way your brain responds, anxiety and panic will continue to shrink and shrink and cease to cause you problems. Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D., Psychologist - moreover put in your mind always panic attacks will not kill you treat it as an enemy inside you trying to show you unreal stuff and trying to push you toward being scared fight him don't be scared from him you are more powerfull
Parenting newborns and infants, up to 1 year
Children's Health - 84 members
This is a group for those of us who have newborn babies, or infants anywhere from the newborn stage up to a year since there is not a forum specifically targeted for that age group. I think it's very important that people have this forum to share experience and gain advice on the small things involved with newborn/infant care...and this is also a place for new mothers (or fathers!) to speak about the difficulties (or joys) about their new babies, and to get support if you feel like you're struggling with adjustment. Please note::: this forum is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If your newborn has any potential medical problem, seek professional medical help immediately. DO NOT WAIT FOR AN ANSWER ON THIS FORUM. Call your pediatrician or take your child to the nearest ER or Urgent Care Center. Any indications of serious distress, high fevers, excessive vomiting, lethargy, fussiness, lack of appetite, etc are all things that must be evaluated ASAP by a medical professional so please seek help and do not wait..newborns are delicate and time spent waiting could be vital. With that being said...please feel free to ask any and all questions about the day-to-day care involved with newborns and infants, and if you feel as though you're having trouble adjusting please feel free to speak your mind and vent your concerns here and get the support you need. Congratulations on joining our community, I hope that you find the friends and answers you're looking for! I also recommend this group for pregnant women who can hopefully learn some very helpful tips for once their bundle of joy arrives!
payoff online casinos
Mental Health - 1 member
Online casinos have become very popular in the last few years. In fact, online casinos are always crowded with millions of players logging on around the world. However, a lot of users tend to see only the fun aspect of playing in online casinos. They pay no attention to matters of personal security information. These guidelines are aimed to help you be careful when playing online: When online and surfing through a casino website, always block any kind of popup that show up. Users need to do is download free software available on the casino’s website that helps protect them from hidden programs. payoff online casinos
Pancreatitis/Pancreatic Cysts
Digestive - 8 members
A place to come and share experiences of pancreatitis and/or pancreatic cysts. Please come and join if you have had the misfortune of having this. There seems to be little support on the internet and not an awful lot of information.
Ear, Nose, Throat - 2 members
For Those who do not know: Your Parotid Gland is one of your Salivary Glands. This Gland is located In Front of Each Ear. Many People Have Issues With The Parotid Glands. Let's Open This Forum With Me Saying that we are not experts, but are here to support each other. Please Feel Free To Tell Your Story!
Pelvic surgery
Urology - 2 members
Complications after pelvic organ prolapse surgery, problems, solutions, pain with sex.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse surgery
Women's Health - 5 members
Personal experiences, good, bad or otherwise from patients who have undergone Pelvic Prolapse Surgery. Pain? Discomfort? Complications? Questions?
painfull breasts
Pain Management - 1 member
Im 24 and have been getting pains in my breasts for.the past week. Im not pregnant or going through the change.... I havent had a over 4 years due to having 2 children and being on the pill implant (2 years) im really worried and need advice thankyou.
If you are a parent of a drug addicted or a parent of a child that is co-dependent, PLEASE join my group. A bit about me. I am a recovering drug addict and recovering alcoholic. I relapsed on alcohol on October 31, 2012, trying to cope with my 19 year old pregnant daughter who is due October 16, 2012 and is popping pills. I need support and can offer support.
parents with hiv kids
MedHelp General - 2 members
helpful info about insurances versus clinics
Finding the right medications to help. Just want to feel better.
PCOS and Insulin Resistance
Diabetes - 1 member
This is a group for women who suffer from PCOS and the resulting insulin resistance. It is difficult for us to lose weight and it can be frustrating at times, but, through support, we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. This is the most frustrating of conditions, when you do your diet "right" and you exercise with little results. Lets work together to figure out HOW to get around these issues.
Private - SupportForum - 14 members
People Allergic To Me
This is a support and informational group for people who have tested positive for MRSA infections. Any questions or problems can be discussed such as good infectious disease doctors, antibiotics used to treat the infections and many other questions concerning how to deal with living with MRSA. All people are welcome but please keep your negative comments or foul language to yourself !
To bring and raise awareness on Leukaemia ALL. To provide support for the ones who lost their battle on these sickness.
Peripheral Neuropathy
Neurology - 3 members
The name of the condition tells you a bit about what it is: Peripheral: Beyond (in this case, beyond the brain and the spinal cord.) Neuro-: Related to the nerves -pathy: Disease Peripheral neuropathy refers to the conditions that result when nerves that carry messages to the brain and spinal cord from the rest of the body are damaged or diseased. The peripheral nerves make up an intricate network that connects the brain and spinal cord to the muscles, skin, and internal organs. Peripheral nerves come out of the spinal cord and are arranged along lines in the body called dermatomes. Typically, damage to a nerve will affect one or more dermatomes, which can be tracked to specific areas of the body. Damage to these nerves interrupts communication between the brain and other parts of the body and can impair muscle movement, prevent normal sensation in the arms and legs, and cause pain. The above is from
Period Question
Women's Health - 7 members
I spotted last sunday, January 18th, and my period isnt due until February 2md. should I be concerned. Im 19 and my periods havent been very regular.