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A place for mums to socialise, vent, get advice and share their collaborative wisdom!
self harm help
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for anyone who needs help with overcoming self harm and who may or may not have suicidal thoughts.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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I guess I am looking for a place to go when things get too bad. I don't know if this is that place, but.... I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, 15% of a liver (need a transplant, and because of the Methadone, I have little if any chance of getting on a list.), Hepatitis C, and am on 100mgs. of Methadone. I was an addict for 40 years. But have not used any illicit drug for 35 of those 40 years. I also suffer from severe depression that so far has not been successfully treated with medication. I guess now a lot of you have already judged me, and think that I got what I deserved. I guess that is why I am writing this. To see if I can receive some help or, as when I go to a doctor, just be judged for my past. I hope that is not the case because I am told that I do not have a lot of time left on this earth. I am a good man who has always taken good care of his parents and wife and kids. But, I know that means little to anyone because it seems doctors only see the addiction that I had a long time ago. Yes, I know I am still addicted to Methadone, but when no doctor will give me anything for for the pain that is caused by the RA, I take my relief where I can get it. If anyone out there is suffering, no matter why, maybe we can talk. To the rest of you that are judges, kiss my a&#! JohnD.
Sexual Addiction
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This is a group for the sexually addicted or loved ones of the sexually addicted. Like all other addictions, but socially unaccepted, shamed or even unacknowledged at times, it it is a very serious disease with incomprehensible consequences and the ability to destroy lives. Help is now available.
Mental/Emotional Health - 2 members
This is a group that is intended to serve all who have found their way here to improve themselves in one way or another. It is a "general" place that does not necessarily focus on specific "issues", but rather a safe place to share or simply read words of inspiration, encouragement, motivation and self improvement. Positive words can be POWERFUL.enough to change your thinking...which that new way of thinking will change your actions...and your actions will ultimately change YOU. However, it is unfortunate that we sometimes do not hear these positive words enough. Hence, finding this site is the first step towards a positive direction...It's a new's a new's a new life! WELCOME! :)
sex and stuff
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this group is for people who looooove SEX and couldnt live without it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schizoid Personality Disorder Support
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Schizoid Personality Disorder doesn't seem to have it's own group since it's on the Schizophrenia axis, but this is a very tough disorder that follows you for life, we'll need the support.
Sarcoidosis Support
Autoimmune - 31 members
Welcome to the sarcoidosis support group, a place where sarcoid sufferers can go to discuss symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in any stage of the disease.
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women that are due SEPTEMBER 2011 join here to compare stories as we grow together in our pregnancies ...
Scared to Detox off Methadone
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Hi I am a 22 year old female who has been on methadone for about a year. I was up to 80mgs per day and now am at 45. I have been going down 5mgs every three days, and have been fine up until now. Obviously I need to slow down but finacially I have to get off as soon as possible. Other than generally feeling bad, I am having cold sweats at night which is causing me to lose sleep. To me that is the worse part about withdrawal. I have had stomach problems for about three years so I am not phased by any of that, and have fibromaylasia, so the pain is a constant thing anyway. I am just looking for any advice about continueing detoxing, and for support of others who understand what it is like to be in this situation.
Safeway Sofa-No More Abuse!
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Hello, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Anna. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I grew up with my mom and dad both in the same home, no where close to a "safe place" like everyone thought.My father was always screaming and ranting, taking his anger emotionally and physically out on us kids. I won't go in detail as I hope to share it over time with my fellow blogger that will hopefully join us here. I was venting one day and posted on my facebook a thought to my Father, and one of my Uncles re-action to what I said in my post outraged me! He was judging me about making it-"being the abuse my father inflicted" public. My response to him was, "Who are you to tell me not to talk about my feelings? and where was you when I got knocked across the room, or called stupid and got yelled at until I felt completely useless?" Guess what, he never answered me, and I'm guessing out of guilt, has never spoke to me again. I need to talk, to cry, to feel, and most of all know that I was innocent as charged. And finally, I need a place where I feel safe to express myself and talk about what has held me in it's grasp all my life. Please feel free to join this group. anyone who needs a place to be safe and chat as need be for guidance or to just TALK and not be judged!
This forum is for discussion the situation where individuals have PATM. PATM stands for "People are Alergic To Me": It occurs when people cause other people to react like hayfever, such as, cough, sneeze, rub nose, rub eyes, sniff, clear throat, etc. We would like to find a cure!
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Let's run to make a healthy body. Please write information for that variously.
September 2012 babies
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Babies due in September 2012
sad snowflake just looking for friends
Mental/Emotional Health - 1 member
hi im a 30 yr old happly married woman and ihave stage 2 ms its crazy but i really dont want to be in pain any more to look at me you would never know im sick my eye tell you im so weak ans bitter just looking for friends to lighten my mood so i can stay sane ty
Service Dogs
Mental/Emotional Health - 9 members
This group is to provide awareness and education about what service dogs can do for people through all sorts of walks in life. From seeing eye dogs to seizure dogs to autism assist dogs! A service dog can provide support in ways that no one else can; providing a good emotional basis for healthy living.
Say how it is with bipolar
Mental/Emotional Health - 4 members
A place where you can say how you feel without being judged! I have recently been diagnosed with bp 2 and need a place where I can sound off even if it doesn't make sense and know there's other people out there going through the same.
Self Harm Community
Mental/Emotional Health - 17 members
This is a group where those struggling with self harm issues can come to be supported in a safe, warm, and supportive environment. PLEASE NOTE: If there is a possibility that what you write may "trigger" someone, please leave a warning and space in the title of your post and inside the post itself so that we do not unintentionally trigger others who are vulnerable.
Meet singles...don't be afraid to mingle...Who better to gain personal support than someone in the same somebody!!!
Sex and Love
Sexual Health - 14 members
Hi everyone, I am creating this group as a place where people can talk about Sex and Love. Personally I am kindof confused about my sex/love/relationship life, meaning I don't know exactly what is right and moral and healthy, or how I should approach these desires and needs; or what I am really looking for, or what is good for me. So, if you are anything like me and find this aspect of your life to be confusing, and you want to hear what others think, or if you just want to share your insight on the matter, then please join the conversation! :) I think we can help each other out in understanding what we are really looking for in life. :)
Single Father
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Hello I am single father of a beautiful girl. I am also licensed child and adult mental health therapist and have a successful practice for over a decade. This group is a support group for single fathers who want to have a happy and healthy family life. I will bring my experience in helping those who seek, but also, create a safe environment for those who seek answer from a group. I believe an active group is one that supports eachother, finds creative solutions, gains perspective and insight and take accountability.
Sex Problem
Sexual Health - 3 members
This group are for those who are not maintain the erection like their childhood days
September 2014 babies
Pregnancy - 1 member
Due in September 2014? Come join the group where we can take our journey together.
Hi: I am currently finalizing a certification program with Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code course which is energy healing. When the energy in our body is not flowing properly, it is a great territory for developing illnesses, diseases. The intent of the Emotion Code is to identify trapped emotions through muscle testing and releasing these emotions and bring the balance back in the body. I am seeking volunteers for 2 sessions that can be done via Skype, in person or phone. Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes. Warmly, Joanne