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A place for mums to socialise, vent, get advice and share their collaborative wisdom!
Root canal gone bad
Pain - 5 members
Want to educate people so you don't end up like me or worse. I had a badly botched root canal where a dentist used a root canal material that contains formaldehyde often called Sargenti Paste. For decades, our dental industry has known about this, has strongly denounced it and still in nearly 40 years time has not made the public aware. By the time I found out, it was too late. I suffer from horrific burning/stinging in my lower left lip and chin. A friend who I met on the internet suffers the worse problem with a chronic bone infection that has eaten away her upper right jawbone. She had it rebuilt from leg parts but it continues to erode. There is no cure for her infection, she has to try to stay one step ahead of it. We started a website for both the public and dental industry. Most dentists we have spoken with didn't think it was used any more. Sadly, it is.
Rare diseases- breaking down the barriers
MedHelp General - 20 members
Poviding opportunity to discuss and create awareness of the issues faced by rare condition sufferers and their families. Rare diseases can often leave patients and their loved ones feeling isolated, yet the issues we face are common. By speaking with one voice, we can together evoke change. Your story is unique, and we invite you to join our group and share your experiences.
Ranaesheart Weight Loss Success Tips
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We are in this together to support each other, lose weight, learn,explore and experience the journey of a lifetime! Lets make this POSITIVE,MOTIVATIONAL and ENLIGHTENING!!! The joy is in the journey and the knowledge and friendships that are gained along the way. Come join us and lets make history!
real paranormal activity
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some people have had real paranormal activity in their own houses,jobs, or neighborhood. some people dont believe in the "after life" i do and i think i have expirenced it a few times. this is a place where you can share any kind of expirence you have had with the after life, paranormal, or ghost. weather it be friends, family, or someone just trying to tell you something from the other side.
Alternative Medicine - 1 member
This group is for discussing Real Wellness Solutions for health care concerns. Our focus is primarily on all NATURAL solutions for many health challenges facing us today. We are looking for all natural alternatives that will help us reclaim our health and independence from phamaceutical drugs. Please feel free to share your products and or testimonials. There is HOPE!!!
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Rehabilitation Center
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specialize in orthopedic, neurological and medical care for adults who are in need of these services
Sarcoidosis Support
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Welcome to the sarcoidosis support group, a place where sarcoid sufferers can go to discuss symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in any stage of the disease.
Rhinoplasty India
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Rhinoplasty India – Heal Wheel India – provides rhinoplasty is a surgery done on the nose to reshape it, to improve appearance, to improve breathing, to correct an injury or birth deformity.
Scared to Detox off Methadone
Addiction - 9 members
Hi I am a 22 year old female who has been on methadone for about a year. I was up to 80mgs per day and now am at 45. I have been going down 5mgs every three days, and have been fine up until now. Obviously I need to slow down but finacially I have to get off as soon as possible. Other than generally feeling bad, I am having cold sweats at night which is causing me to lose sleep. To me that is the worse part about withdrawal. I have had stomach problems for about three years so I am not phased by any of that, and have fibromaylasia, so the pain is a constant thing anyway. I am just looking for any advice about continueing detoxing, and for support of others who understand what it is like to be in this situation.
ready to quit
Sexual Health - 1 member
if your ready to start a new life without the same problem everyday. its time to help each other
Reincarnation is real
Mental/Emotional Health - 2 members
This group is beleavers of reincarnation
Safeway Sofa-No More Abuse!
Mental/Emotional Health - 3 members
Hello, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Anna. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I grew up with my mom and dad both in the same home, no where close to a "safe place" like everyone thought.My father was always screaming and ranting, taking his anger emotionally and physically out on us kids. I won't go in detail as I hope to share it over time with my fellow blogger that will hopefully join us here. I was venting one day and posted on my facebook a thought to my Father, and one of my Uncles re-action to what I said in my post outraged me! He was judging me about making it-"being the abuse my father inflicted" public. My response to him was, "Who are you to tell me not to talk about my feelings? and where was you when I got knocked across the room, or called stupid and got yelled at until I felt completely useless?" Guess what, he never answered me, and I'm guessing out of guilt, has never spoke to me again. I need to talk, to cry, to feel, and most of all know that I was innocent as charged. And finally, I need a place where I feel safe to express myself and talk about what has held me in it's grasp all my life. Please feel free to join this group. anyone who needs a place to be safe and chat as need be for guidance or to just TALK and not be judged!
Relationships / Emotions
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I made this group because i was thinking about how im always getting dumped and : \ girls telln me they think im cute but i dont I have never dumped a girl in my life im still in love with rachel i think u all know that
Random questions
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If you have a question and dont know which section your question goes into, you can easily post it here!
Radiology Technician
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If anyone wants to make a career as a radiology technician and don't have any idea regarding this field then you can get some help from the following site :(Please copy the URL and paste it to your browser) For further information then you can contact me ( ) . If anyone is having any information regarding Radiology Technician please suggest.
Heart - 2 members
What matters at heart....
Healthy Living - 1 member
Let's run to make a healthy body. Please write information for that variously.
sad snowflake just looking for friends
Mental/Emotional Health - 1 member
hi im a 30 yr old happly married woman and ihave stage 2 ms its crazy but i really dont want to be in pain any more to look at me you would never know im sick my eye tell you im so weak ans bitter just looking for friends to lighten my mood so i can stay sane ty
does anyone else see the problems relating to patients who have nothing nice to say about there doctors???? I am a responsible patient who follows what my dr says to the letter i have a few very serious illness's and have no other choice but to take opiate pain relievers. My problem is with ppl that don't understand that MY NAME is not the only name on my prescription bottle and that the dr's name that follows mine could very well lose everything he/she has worked years to accomplish because of someone being irresponable enough to let there med's fall into the wrong hands. MY ? is this are there any laws out there to protect dr's against drug seeking patients and could good dr's lose their license because of these people?
Say how it is with bipolar
Mental/Emotional Health - 4 members
A place where you can say how you feel without being judged! I have recently been diagnosed with bp 2 and need a place where I can sound off even if it doesn't make sense and know there's other people out there going through the same.
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rape and sexual assault
Mental/Emotional Health - 4 members
for anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault. a safe place to come and talk about how you are feeling or just to be around people like yourself...
Rant & Rave
Mental/Emotional Health - 9 members
This is a group wherein a person who is passionate can express themselves. Without offending another. There are many things going on in the world, and many times a person must first vent then gain an ability to evaluate. Not for the faint of heart.