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50-Year Cover-Up

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In the 1970s, the FDA ruled drug manufacturers had to prove their antibiotics did not contribute to resistance or lose their drug approval. Industry research proved antibiotics in animal feed led to rapid resistance — findings the industry rebuffed, and the FDA has ignored ever since.

Inappropriate use of antibiotics in farming bears the heaviest responsibility for creating the antibiotic-resistant superbug crisis of today. An estimated 80 percent of total antibiotic sales in the U.S. end up in livestock
Commercial chicken producers typically treat each egg with gentamicin, an antibiotic listed as "essential" to human medicine. Perdue Farms recently abandoned this risky practice. Encourage Sanderson Farms and KFC to follow suit.

According to the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), just one organism — methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, better known as MRSA — kills more Americans each year than the combined total of emphysema, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, and homicide.
A 2015 report, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron estimates that by 2050, the annual global death toll from antibiotic-resistant disease will reach 10 million, and the global cost for treatment will be around $100 trillion.

An estimated 80 percent of total antibiotic sales in the U.S. end up in livestock. For example, commercial chicken producers have a history of treating each egg with gentamicin, an antibiotic listed as "essential" to human medicine. One chicken producer has seen the light though, and has abandoned this risky practice.

Perdue Farms no longer uses gentamicin. In fact, according to a recent report by Mother Jones, the only antibiotic remaining in use at Perdue is narasin, an antibiotic not used in human medicine, and only about one-third of its chickens ever get it. (It's used to treat a parasitic intestinal condition called coccidiosis.)

Any other antibiotics are administered to sick birds only (about 4 percent of all birds). According to Mother Jones:

"Perdue ... the country's fourth-largest poultry producer, has set out to show that the meat can be profitably mass-produced without drugs.

In 2014, the company eliminated gentamicin from all its hatcheries, the latest stage of a quiet effort started back in 2002 to cut the routine use of antibiotics from nearly its entire production process."

Tyson and Foster Farms, both had 80 percent of their chickens tested positive for one or both bacteria. Organic store brand chickens had no salmonella at all, but 57 percent still harbored campylobacter.

According to Consumer Reports, "This is the first time since we began testing chicken that one major brand has fared significantly better than others across the board." Even back then, Perdue's exemplary success was attributed to its more stringent policies on antibiotics

Best Multivitamins for Men

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Best Multivitamins for Men.
Recent research findings also conclude that men taking a daily multivitamin may gain protection from cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke in the long-term. The new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, involved 18,530 male physicians over 40 years old. The researchers found a 44% reduction in major cardiovascular disease event risk in men who were multivitamin users for at least 20 years.

It’s also important that men make sure their multivitamin is designed to meet crucial male-specific needs. One of the biggest areas many multivitamins for men overlook is the need for prostate protection. To get that support, men need higher levels of three key vitamins, including zinc (20 mg), selenium (100 mcg), and perhaps most importantly 200 IU of vitamin E with mixed tocopherols, Pumpkin seed extract, Flower pollen extract, Nettle root, Lycopene.

Medium-chain triglycerides

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MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides . They are a type of fatty acid that is derived from coconut oil.  MCT oil is a super fuel for your cells, it boosts fat burning and increases mental clarity.
MCT can also help in weight lose, because it is quickly burned and metabolized. It gets absorbed directly from the gut into the liver and doesn’t get stored as fat but it's burned quickly and turned into energy.
Stop using Canola, Soybean, Corn and Safflower oils.These oils are inflammatory!

In one study published in the Journal of Obesity and Research in 2013, scientists at McGill University carried out a randomized control trial to compare the effects of medium-chain triglycerides (such as caprylic acid and lauric acid) and long-chain triglycerides (like olive oil) on body fat storage, energy expenditure, appetite control, and other aspects of weight loss in overweight men.

Researchers put these men on different diets for 28 days. They switched the diets after a short time so that they could see differences in the same subjects.
One group ate a coconut oil-rich diet, high in medium-chain triglycerides. The other group ate a diet rich in long-chain triglycerides.

Researchers found the men who ate coconut oil lost more body fat, which they attributed to a greater increase in energy expenditure and fat burning. Coconut oil actually sped up their metabolism, curbing their appetite and allowing them to lose more belly fat, as compared with the men who were on the olive oil-rich diet.

MCTs are also a unique form of saturated fat with very potent antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that support your immune system. They also provide anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and even anti-viral benefits.

Omega 6 fats are seed, bean, or grain oils (which include corn, soy, sunflower and canola oils).  Once ingested, these inflammatory oils are transported to the lymphatic system and not to the blood, which means your fat tissues absorb them.

MCTs, on the other hand, are directly absorbed into the blood, and boost your metabolism, burn more calories and fat, and reduce fat storage, while curbing your appetite. That’s why we think of these fats as super fuel for your cells.

In fact, studies show MCTs help you burn about 460 extra calories a day for men and about 190 extra calories for women.  MCTs also beneficially impact your hormones, including appetite-controlling hormones,  that helps you feel full. It can improve your cholesterol profile.

The more intense you exercise

May 13, 2016 - 1 comments

The more intense your exercise, the less time you have to spend on it. One single minute of strenuous activity within a 10-minute exercise session is as effective as working out for 45 minutes at a moderate pace.
Part of the answer to why high-intensity interval training is so effective has to do with genetic optimization.
This kind of activity appears to be “built into” our genotype.
Intense but brief exertion produces immediate changes in your DNA, improves glucose tolerance, and triggers production of human growth hormone and mitochondrial biogenesis, which is crucial for longevity.