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Final New Start

Mar 12, 2013 - 0 comments

Well again i am starting to try to live healthier. Just feel so bad all the time food is something that I enjoy and it doesnt care if i feel bad. Doctor had to add 4 insulin shots a day to my already massive amount of medication yesterday. i will be picking up the prescription on wednedsday, not sure how to take the news but maybe i thought it was coming. Dont know if I can work up the nerve to give my self shots. Everything is so busy and so hectic with my sisters family that i am staying very stressed and anxiety attacks again., Heart fluttering and chest pains again. i am tired of being sick my a1c was overf 10 yesterday. the highest glucose i tested at home was 479 and normal lately is in the 200s when waking, and 300s after eating. I need to exercise and take care of myself, shouldnt be so hard but there isnt enough of me to get everyones stuff done. Dreading the upcoming weeks, baseball season is here so work will be busy and im not sure i can handle full time again. Sarcoidosis flares up alot. God keeps trying to help me with my prayer request of getting healthier and loosing weight , I havent been cooperating. I know he makes things available and I am not putting forth the effort.

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More measuremsnts

Jan 02, 2012 - 0 comments

no place to put seperate side of the body so entries are for right side here are the left sides.  calf lft 17.5"  thigh lft 32" arm lft 17". Butt area measured under belly 55"  - Stomach (enterred as hip) 59" Rib area under breasts 44"  Right now wear size 26 in woimens jeans  3x tops sometimes 2x. 8.5 wide wide shoes. 8.5 ring size. 44C bra/ 11 undies. Hopefully this time next year I will be half the person I am weight ways.

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