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No ovulation

Oct 30, 2013 - 2 comments

So I have been wondering why I haven't ovulated and as I was lying here in bed it just came to me... I have been on estrogen non stop from the start of my cycle (last 2 really). I started thinking how estrogen lowers fsh and my last fsh came in at 4 which was artificially low from the estro patches... I kept thinking and realized that to grow eggs you need fsh! That's what injectables like menopur are all about! I realized I have actually stopped myself from ovulating by starting the estrogen patches too soon in my cycle!!!
I googled 'estrogen stopping ovulation' and sure enough this is what I found....

Estrogen actually can and does prevent ovulation if given at the start of AF and in the right doses. (Mostly because, in a natural cycle, estrogen is released after FSH and LH have triggered the follicles to start growing. Estrogen is what turns off FSH production. Then the rising estrogen triggers a surge of LH, which of course triggers the egg to be released. But, when you gave high enough doses of estrogen right from the start, it starts telling your body to stop FSH production before it ever begins, see? So if you never have FSH production, you never have growing follicles, so there are no eggs to be released. Basically you jumped to step 2 of a natural cycle, completely skipping step 1 - which was FSH triggering follicles to grow.)

That's why some "medicated" FETs are minus Lupron and BCPs. (My own was done with only twice-weekly delestrogen injections starting on CD1 of my period, then progesterone suppositories starting some days before transfer. That's it. No Lupron, no other suppression.) The statistics are that, given that way and at the right levels, estrogen prevents ovulation in 90% of women. The other 10% will ovulate anyhow -- which is why, in those kinds of FET cycles, they will check your ovaries to make sure you aren't growing follicles. And is also why some clinics prefer to use something like Lupron, which doesn't have that 10% "failure" rate.

So question-- should I stop estro and see if my fsh rises now or skip to progesterone and jump start AF and just try next cycle??


Oct 17, 2013 - 5 comments

I'm starting to think I may have had a mild case of pcos all this time and has now become exasperated by the onset of perimenopause.  ALL of my symptoms can be summed up within the symptoms of pcos-- hair loss, facial hair growth (hirtsutism), stubborn weight gain (belly fat),headaches & heart palpitations etc... Plus the low fsh number. If I were truly getting menopausal don't you think that number would be higher?? Last follie check (afc) back in April was like 15 so ....?

And now my first wonky cycle. Hopefully this cycle comes back to norm.

I have a friend sending me some Metformin so I will try and see if it helps.


Apr 10, 2013 - 2 comments

Woke up with left side stiff neck again... May be my first symptom. Will look for spotting in the next few days.

Ovulation Tracker

definitely a chemical

Jan 06, 2013 - 11 comments

so I just knew and you can see why. It's gone negative which if it had to be a this way, I'm glad it's resolving quickly. Going to bed! Had a long day with very little sleep last night. I am sad but encouraged that we are doing something right and catching the egg.