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clomid cycle 6

Apr 25, 2012 - 0 comments








ok, i think i just got off my sixth cycle of clomid. I started off with 50mgs and now im taking 150mgs. Well since my last post, I haven't been ovulating. Well I went for my annual Friday and it was also CD22 for me so I got my blood work done. I got my results today and my progesterone level was 23.76!! According to my period tracker on my cellphone my cycle is due today. Its 5:30pm right now and nothing yet. My nurse said that this is the highest result we have ever gotten because I think, the past 5 months it was always around 3.5 or something like that. But anywho she also said that this is very good and could indicate pregnancy so I my cycle doesn't start, wait a few days and if still nothing, take a pregnancy test.

I am so excited but I'm trying not to get over excited just to get my feeling hurt once again. !! Im still going to remain hopeful. Praying this is it!

What do you all think?

So anxious

Jan 12, 2012 - 0 comments


So this is round 2 of clomid for me. With round 1 my progesterone level was 3.95 and the doctors said that I did no O. So that was last month but this round my level was 15.47!! YAY!!! I O'd!!! Well anywho, I my menstrual should have started today but still nothing.
>> my blood work was taken on cd22 which was Friday the 6th, I so want to run to the store to get a test but I'm scared of getting a BFN.
>> for about a week or so my breast have been very tender which is normally my indicator that my period is getting ready to come on so I'm confused. Other weird thing that I have been noticing is the decrease in my appetite. I am barely eating anything. When I get hungry, if I dont eat right that instant the urge to eat goes away and by the time I'm able to get I dont even want it any more. I have also been getting cramping on each side (its like their taking turns or something with the pain) I also get frequent lower back pain.
I keep telling myself to wait until Saturday to test so this way I can at least know that I am actually Late but I so want to test right now.....