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Pregnancy journal (week 8)

Nov 15, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 8w4d today.  I'm still feeling sick - sore throat, body aches, and fatigue.  This has been lasting for 10 days now.  I cancelled my RE u/s scan last week because I was too sick to drive myself.  Next appt is this Wed 11/19.  Hope the baby is doing okay.  Morning sickness is still the same.  Been trying to eat as much as I could.  Lost 5 lbs (123 down to 118) so far getting close to the 5% warning threshold.

This pregnancy has been really difficult, hopefully we get a good outcome in the end.  I have not been taking baby aspirin or Lovonox for this pregnancy.  My prepregnancy homocysteine level is 10 (ideal should be under 7-8). I've been taking 5-MTHF.  Not sure if that helped lowering my homocysteine level.  There are so many online literatures talking about women with MTHFR homo C677T getting preeclampsia.  It's so scary to think about it.  I still have not been seen by my MFM yet.  Just keep taking my folate and pray.

MARBLE will come for first trimester home visit on Monday.  It's a research program that I participated.  DH will be out of town Sunday thru Tuesday.  So next week will be a challenge for me to take care of two kids while fighting this all-day sickness feeling that seems never ends.

Pregnancy journal (week 7)

Nov 08, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 7w4d, recovering from a bad cold.  Started Thursday with a scratch throat. Friday (7w3d), I got full blown flu like symptoms, high fever, severe headache, vomiting, chills/shivering.  Today, I'm still feeling extremely exhausted with a low grade fever, sore throat, headache, dry cough. But I'm going on a 5.5 hour airplane ride.  I took some tylenol and diclegis.  Hope it won't be too painful during flight. Wish me luck!

Pregnancy Journal (week 6)

Nov 02, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 6w5d today. I went to my fertility clinic last Thu at 6w2d. My RE is in surgery all day, so I saw the RE who covers her and happens to be the MD who transferred the embryo.  The ultrasound confirmed intrauterine pregnancy (Thank God, it's not ectopic!).  There was a subchorionic hematoma again near sac.  I instinctively asked him whether it's near where placenta implants, but he said he couldn't tell yet.  He said the SCH is small, but I lost my last pregnancy to SCH which started small also.  And I learned that it isn't the size that matters, but the location.  The blood clots need to stay away from placenta.  

My RE emailed me Friday afternoon after reviewing my Thursday's scan result, and asked me to follow up with her in 2 weeks.  I replied on Saturday with a couple dates for the next appt, and got a reply from her within a couple hours confirming the appt.  Wow!  Now that really makes me feel special.

Also, I wrote my PCP a note on Friday and told him that I prefer to stay on bed rest and need his note for excusing me from jury duty this Wed.  I got an instant reply within hours too with a scanned letter in my email inbox.

Despite two days of bed rest, I am still having sharp pains and cramps. So I emailed my old OB/GYN in Bay Area Sunday midnight.  Again, I got a reply 1am on Sunday - he adjusted my Endometrium to 100mg x 3 per day and scheduled to see me Monday morning at 10am for a follow-up scan and intralipid infusion treatment.

UCD MDs are still non-responsive.  My MFM cancelled all my appts and told me to wait till my RE confirms viable pregnancy and graduate me.  I sent their family medicine department a message requesting release of my latest STAT HCG result. The lab was drawn STAT on Tuesday and result hasn't been released so far (Sunday).  Hopefully, once I become an active patient in the OB clinic, they will do better.

Also, saw an Dr. S in UCD pain clinic last week.  She's super sweet, offered me referral to acupuncture and pain psychologist.

Halloween was difficult - I stayed in bed all day and took kids out trick-or-treat for about 2 hours.  Started cramping after 30 minutes and lasted throughout the night.  

Yesterday was my mom's 65th bday party. My stepfather invited everyone to eat out at a buffet place.  I started to feel so sick after dinner.  It's 3:30am and I still cannot sleep.  Thank God my shrink who also works at Kaiser gave me this -  It's so calming and relaxing.  Really helps with the sickness.  

Hanging in here.  As my RE said, it's really tough now but in 2 1/2 weeks, things will be a lot better.  All the best blessings to my baby girl~~. Cheers! Love, A.

Pregnancy Journal (week 4)

Oct 19, 2014 - 1 comments


I'm 4w3d today.  Positive HPT on dollar tree test strip last Sunday 10/12 @12dpo.  I went in for b/w on 10/13 and it came back at 34 confirming positive pregnancy.  Tuesday, I started to feel constant lower left back pain and intermittent sharp pelvic pain.  

I had to get up at 5am to take the train for the 3hr commute again since I left my car at my office and took train home on Monday.  I wasn't able to sleep until 2:30am the night before.  I was scheduled for 7 hours of back-to-back meetings.  Luckily, the morning meeting was canceled at the last minute. So I left my office to stop by urgent care - a place I haven't been to since 2008.  The doctor Dr. Y I saw in 2008 still remembered me (we connected on LinkedIn and we gave each other professional endorsements).  I told him about my IVF history and pregnancy concerns.  My BP was 147/82 and HR 120 when tested at the urgent care clinic - not good numbers at this stage of pregnancy when embryo needs blood supply to uterus in order to implant properly.  He did a physical examination and felt that my pains could be signs for ectopic pregnancy.  He ordered a hcg STAT for me.  I couldn't really wait for the result and rushed back to the office for my afternoon meetings.  He said he'd call me if my hcg is high enough for an ultrasound.  I didn't have time to wait for the lab result to come back and rushed back to my office for my afternoon meetings.  After a long day, I found out that my bHCG was 147, which has been more than doubled for the past 48 hours.  

Later in the same evening, my RE wrote to me and asked me to recheck bHCG on Friday 10/17, but my work was so incredibly busy with my colleague leaving the company, leaving me as the only person with the practice license in our company.  My new boss was quite understanding and concerned about my health.  She helped me push back the work to the leaving co-worker, but I doubt he'd be able to do them anyway.  At the end of the day, I may still need to suck up everything.

I'm also feeling very nauseous very early on with this pregnancy.  I usually don't start morning sickness until 7th or 8th week, but I definitely am feeling the nausea coming on and getting worse especially every night.  I keep reminding myself that feeling sick is reassuring that the baby is growing okay.  But I've also heard that nausea can be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy.  My back pain and pelvic pain have been persisting on and off for 5 days now.  I am too afraid to do anymore beta testings. I have my first prenatal appointment on 10/24 with the nurse at the high risk OB clinic and my first ultrasound appointment scheduled on 10/31 (6w2d) with my MFM.  Hope all will go well...