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Pregnancy journey (12 weeks)

Dec 15, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 12w6d and today is the last day of first trimester, yeah!!! I cannot believe I've made this far.  Everyday week is a milestone and everyday is a blessing.

It has been a quite eventful week. I started to feel really abnormal sharp pelvic pain last Monday.  It hurts so much that I had to take deep breath while driving to my GI's office every now and then.  Every bump on the road triggers the sharp pain.  Deep inside I felt something was tearing and bleeding.  Later on Monday, I had some pinkish spotting.  I tested on bed and try to ignore the pain and spotting.  Next day, I was exactly 12 weeks, and spotting turns into light bright red bleeding.  I called my OB, and was told to go to L&D. Spent 3 hours there with DS. Baby was fine measuring 12w2d with FHR 171bpm.  There was a 1.8cm SCH that seems new.

I stayed in Bay Area Wed thru Fri.  All day meeting on Wed and lawyer association holiday party in the evening. Went to Dr. R's office to get intralipid infusion in the storm on Thu.  Then had nutrition and oncology appointments on Friday.  Totally exhausted.  The bleeding has stopped and cramping is getting better.  Hopefully, no more scares.

This week is last week of school for kids. We'll go to Lake Tahoe for Christmas.  The weather's not gonna be great as it will be raining the rest of the week.  Hope we will have a safe drive.  Cheers!

Pregnancy journey (11 weeks)

Dec 06, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 11w4d today.  Went to see my MFM on Tue. I thought I'd be seen by her resident but she saw me herself. Had my ultrasound at exactly 11 weeks.  Baby was measuring 11w2d and moving around - in fact, she moved so much that my MFM tried and failed three times to measure her heart rate and eventually gave up.  

Also, this week, JJ got their customized big brother shirt. We're ready for photographer appt and the making of announcement cards.

Disney cruise has been confirmed - We're doing the 7-day Eastern Carribean cruise in January 2015 on Disney Fantasy.  Booked private 6-hour tour of St Maarten island and tropical rainforest tour on USVI.  We also made reservations for dining at both Palo and Remy, as well as a couple massage in the spa.  The kids are so excited!  I installed the DCL Navigator app on my phone and they are counting down to the cruise by days/hours even to the seconds now! :-)

We will be staying home for the holidays this year.  Got two Christmas trees last weekend from Boy Scout sale - big one in the living room and little one in the kids room.

I'm also working on holiday gifts for my son's teacher as his classroom rep.  Not sure why I volunteered at the beginning of the semester knowing that I'd be pregnant and everything will be more challenging.  I had no experience and hopefully it will turn out well.

Keep praying for a super healthy pregnancy! <3

Pregnancy journal (week 10)

Nov 28, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 10w4d today.  Not sure why I skipped week 9. 

Anyway, I have accomplished a lot in the past two weeks:

- Went for high risk OB clinic nurse intake on 11/21 and saw the genetic counselor on 11/25;
- First OB panel came back ok except that I'm slightly anemic with hgb 11.4, which is odd considering that I had iron overload and an hgb 13.2 five weeks prior to this draw.  I wasn't happy because the panel was incomplete IMO. No thyroid checked, no homocystin, no iron study, no vitamin D, etc. The MDs at UCDMC are doing their bare minimum to get by.
- Also toured the birthing suite at the hospital (yes, I did it way early at 9w this time).  Another bummer - they don't have antepartum unit, which means that if you are stuck in hospital, e.g. due to preeclampsia, you could end up listening to other laboring women screaming around you every single day for months while worried about your own baby.  The NICU is located two stories up from postpartum units, definitely not an easy visit.  There's no refrigerator...  Let us just say that I am not thrilled by the hospital facility at all. FX that all goes well and I'll be in-n-out quick.
- Sub'd to Lucie's List, and started our baby registry on Amazon. So fun!
- Went shopping Thanksgiving night, and stocked up newborn clothing.
- Did the Panorama screening test, still waiting for results.

Will see my MFM's resident on Tuesday.  Can't believe that 1st trimester is almost over in a few weeks.

Pregnancy journal (week 8)

Nov 15, 2014 - 0 comments

I'm 8w4d today.  I'm still feeling sick - sore throat, body aches, and fatigue.  This has been lasting for 10 days now.  I cancelled my RE u/s scan last week because I was too sick to drive myself.  Next appt is this Wed 11/19.  Hope the baby is doing okay.  Morning sickness is still the same.  Been trying to eat as much as I could.  Lost 5 lbs (123 down to 118) so far getting close to the 5% warning threshold.

This pregnancy has been really difficult, hopefully we get a good outcome in the end.  I have not been taking baby aspirin or Lovonox for this pregnancy.  My prepregnancy homocysteine level is 10 (ideal should be under 7-8). I've been taking 5-MTHF.  Not sure if that helped lowering my homocysteine level.  There are so many online literatures talking about women with MTHFR homo C677T getting preeclampsia.  It's so scary to think about it.  I still have not been seen by my MFM yet.  Just keep taking my folate and pray.

MARBLE will come for first trimester home visit on Monday.  It's a research program that I participated.  DH will be out of town Sunday thru Tuesday.  So next week will be a challenge for me to take care of two kids while fighting this all-day sickness feeling that seems never ends.