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Atrophic gastritis

Aug 24, 2014 - 0 comments

Presacral nodule has been stable. Since discovery of it, I've had a 4-fold spike in CEA, iron deficiency anemia, abnormally elevated ferritin post IV iron.  And now I've been suffering gastritis flare-up for the past 4 days. I will see my RE tomorrow for CD13 lining check, but likely this FET cycle will be cancelled given how crappy I've been feeling lately.  I couldn't sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time due to the pain, been running a 100 degree fever for almost 3 days now, anything (solid or liquid) I ate hurts like hell after 30 minutes, bathroom trip >10 BMs per day, ... Never had it this bad. It was such a stupid idea that I d/c'd Prevacid.  Well, the rebound acid refluxes were pretty awful for me when I couldn't take my meds on time due to my work schedule.

Now I'm on Prevacid bid plus Zantac max strength, and hope to weather through this attack sooner.  So far nothing works yet.  I'm still in horrible pain.  I'm due for another ferritin check, but I didn't go coz I knew it would be thru the roof (last two were ~500 >2xUNL).  

Shadow of recurrence

Jan 19, 2014 - 0 comments

My pelvic pain is not improving, esp left-sided pain inside pelvic bone 24/7. My PCP tx as PID w/ rocephin, doxycycline, flagyl, ibuprofen.  But the pain is not improving.  

I can't sleep through the night - only 5hr stretch. Also extreme fatigue during the day, hardly any energy to get work done or clean the house.

CT report showed 6mo interval development of 1.7cm nodule in left presacral space (pain site) concerning for local recurrence of rectal cancer. Onc appt this Friday, but already been talking to chief surgeon and rad onc in @BIMC.  Emailed them Sat AM, got reply within 2hrs from 2 MDs.  They want to see me right away. Waiting for their office to open on Mon and schedule appt.  Getting ready to fly solo to NYC for my life-saving surgery.

Post D&C Recovery

Jan 10, 2014 - 1 comments

I' said it too early... Had my D&C on Wed @5pm, discharged @9pm, doing okay Wed night, 5hr sleep w/ heating pad.  No pain meds needed.  However, Thur afternoon I started feeling more cramps after got home.  Took 1000mg Tylenol, stopped working after 4hrs.  Took 800mg ibuprofen @10pm, woke up Friday @3am in pain with nausea and sweats, can't sleep for the rest of night.  My OB called in Norco for me, took the edge off my pain.  But I'm still feeling cramps and passing tissues, clots, and occasionally bright red blood... My OB took me to hospital for D&C under IV sedation because he doesn't want me to see and feel anything after all that I've been through.  Yet for the past 15hrs, I've been curling in bed, feeling labor pains, and passing all kinds of stuffs... Please let God know that I've seen and felt enough, and just wish it could be over for me soon~~~

Pregnancy Journal (week 8)

Jan 07, 2014 - 4 comments

It is all over... Went in today for u/s, no heartbeat, baby measures 7+4w.  Will schedule D&C and biopsy later this week. Shocked and sad... No words can describe the feeling of the loss of a once-alive embryo.  On Dec 20 in ER, I cried and prayed for God to let me see my baby's heart beat one more time.  I've since seen her heart beats three times - more than I could ever asked for.  I'm grateful for that and pray that my little angel baby girl would be happy in heaven...