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dianoses and problems

Apr 17, 2012 - 0 comments

First journal entry

I was diagnosed with sever sleep apnea
they retested me recently and found that
on the sleep scale of 1 to 5 i was only reaching
a 4 so never getting what i need they said there
is no way to fix at my age no pills no surgery
so this will also be the lat journal entry its the same everyday no good sleep or feeling good
my nose is scared with deep grove and pits due
to the nose and small sleep masks i seem to
have a sensitive nose so i have to wear a pain
in the *** fireman's full face and a humidifier and my machine is bi leval bipap whatever when i first got it i had one night when i woke felling fantastic refreshed less pain etc but never again
and insomnia keeps me up late at most times

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