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6 Weeks-29.11.12

Nov 29, 2012 - 5 comments

6 weeks







I caught a cold virus and slowed right down.
I stopped my exercises temporarily.
I've had quite a bit of fluttery heartbeats and some achiness in my chest.
I am rather frustrated to take a step backwards but realise I need to just go with it.
This week i had to work a longer day on Tuesday and i needed to rest a lot more during the rest of the week.
I still have blotches on my thigh where the bruising was and still get a bit of an ache in the area sometimes.
Looking foward to being right over the virus and exercising more and feeling fitter soon.

Day 37-5 weeks- 21.11.12

Nov 21, 2012 - 1 comments

Wolf Parkinson White







This week I have been doing my daily exercise routine which consists of about 20 minutes of stretches and then some skipping.
I used to do some exercises with arm and leg weights too and I plan to resume those next week.
I'm back up to 200 skips.
My pulse rate straight after 200 skips was 102, then after a minute it was back down to 60, which is my consistent resting heart rate now.
I've taken about a week to get up to 200 skips. I started with 50.
I will continue to gradually increase until I am back up to 500.

I have had more energy this week and I've mostly felt well. I can still see blotches where my catheter bruising was. I'm amazed that it lasts so long.
It reminds me that my insides will take a long time to heal too.

I still notice that if I overdo things I get very tired but I am able to do more these days. I still get a few aches in the chest and upper thigh if I'm overtired too. I definitely have to limit how much I lift or I feel a pull in my chest.

My heart is mostly very quiet. I get the occasional odd beat, but mostly I don't notice my heartbeats.
What I am noticing is a steadiness of heart.
I used to feel my heart lurch when i got a fright or felt anxious. I would notice this often when driving as I am not a very confident driver.
Now when something alarming or risky happens, my heart just stays quiet and steady and I don't have the big anxious response that I used to have. I'm really enjoying this change.

The light headedness, that I was getting after my ablation, now seems to be happening less often.

Today I have a mild cold virus starting and I feel annoyed because it is slowing me down when I was getting more energy.
I used to get a lot of irregular heartbeats if I had a virus but I haven't had any more today.

I'm feeling a lot more positive about the ablation and my recovery now.

I'm still surprised that the information given by the hospitals and doctors is not very helpful, regarding what to expect in the recovery period after an ablation. I thought I'd be feeling normal in a few days, after reading the information sheets I was given and also from reading online.
It wasn't until after I had the ablation and I looked for other  people's experiences online because my recovery symptoms were worrying me, that I realised that recovery takes a while and that it is a big deal.
I think people are being mislead about ablation recovery by the medical profession. Maybe they need more feedback on what it's really like.
I am very grateful for the procedure and the care that I received. I just wish I'd known more about what to realistically  expect in the days afterwards

Day 30  15.11.12 Exercise

Nov 14, 2012 - 3 comments

I just did some skipping and I feel fine.
I used to do 500 skips every morning but I haven't for about 10 weeks.
This morning I did some stretches-I started doing my stretches again last week-and 50 skips.
50 skips seems  minimal but I thought I would start small and build back up to my previous amount gradually.

I am really enjoying how normal my heart feels when I am in bed at night, going to sleep.

Day 29   14.11.12

Nov 13, 2012 - 2 comments




One month since the ablation procedure.
My bruises have faded to two blotches of darker coloured flesh. The area is no longer tender.
My catheter wounds are not tender either. The largest one is still bumpy but the other two are just tiny scars.

Mostly I feel well. I have energy but I find I can't overspend it. If I do too much then I get very tired and it carries over to the next day.
I am not very fit. I can walk a distance but if i walk quickly I feel a bit light headed.

I have had a few episodes of light headedness. It is often after bending over. One evening I scared myself when i got light headed a bit nauseous. I thought i was going to have another scary racing heart episode and i felt my heart pounding but when i rested for a bit i was fine and my heartrate was normal. In retrospect I think I may have had a bit of a panic attack after the first couple of symptoms.

I am still un-nerved from my afib experience and my heartstopping faint (from the accidental vagus nerve pressure after my procedure). I definitely need some reassurance that i am fine now and that i can trust my heart.

The recovery period has certainly been a lot longer than I expected. I hope that once i get my physical fitness back I will feel great. I certainly haven't had any of my WPW dizzy spells since the ablation and my heartbeat is much more settled. I don't notice many odd beats at all now.