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Phone Consult with the Nurse

May 16, 2016 - 21 comments

I finally talked to the nurse the other day.  We went over my calendar.  Wow, a lot to take in!!!  I'll be on birth control up until May 31st and that'll be my last dose that day.  On June 1st we'll go in and sign consents, pay for everything and I'll have blood work and ultrasound.  I'll start taking my stim meds on June 5th.  I'll have 375 IU of Follistim, 75 IU of Menopur daily for 10 days.  Around June 9th I'll add in Ganirelix.  Brian and I will start antibiotics on June 12th and we'll do our HCG shot around June 13th-14th.  Retrieval should be sometimes around June 15-17th.  She said we'll have transfer around June 20th-21st and I'll do a pregnancy test around June 28th-29th.  

This Cryoscreen on my calendar that I was confused about is MY HIV, std blah blah blah test.  They already tested Brian before he had his biopsy.

The nurse phoned in my prescriptions to their pharmacy they  usually use and she told me I could call later to get a price.  I called and the lady said that our meds would be around $10,100.  I was shocked.  Thank GOD for Compassionate Care, so between them and the coupons the pharmacy used we were looking around $3500.  HUGE difference.   Later that day she called back and said believe it or not, after calling the insurance company and running our insurance IT WAS GOING TO COVER OUR MEDS!!!!!  All I would have to pay is $253 for everything, down to the needles.  Everything was included.  My meds should be getting here tomorrow.   Holy cow I couldn't believe it.  I was so shaky and wanted to throw up because I couldn't believe it.  I asked her to repeat herself so I wouldn't think I was hearing things lol.  I had NO idea they'd even cover it.  I KNEW they wouldn't cover the IVF so I didn't think they'd cover the meds.  I am SO SO Thankful!!!  

So that's where we are right now. I'm nervous about the meds.  Getting them wrong, being overwhelmed with trying to keep up with everything.  Gives me anxiety!!!  The nurse said I'd be taking them in my leg....nervous about that.  

Anyways, not much longer now!!!  I cannot believe we're about to start this.  Wow!!  

My 2 Clinic Visits this week!!! :D

May 06, 2016 - 11 comments

So Tuesday was my SIS and it went great!  Everything looked good he said BUT it was sooo painful.  Ugh it hurt so bad.  I had to go there with a full bladder (my bladder is half the size it should be) and plus they were 2 hours behind so I was literally about to **** everywhere.  Then they had to fill my uterus up and omg when they inserted the catheter and THEN the "fairy wand" I wanted to come off the table.  He asked if I was okay and was asking if I had any idea why it was hurting so bad and I had to tell him that I have a bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis and he said "oh wow, no wonder, OKAY we're good!!!  I saw everything I needed, lets get this out of her".  So when I was ready to leave and he called me to the side and said "Look, you've been waiting a really really long time, It doesn't matter if your insurance covers this test or not, it's on me.  You won't be charged a dime for having to wait so long".   Yall, he's amazing.  I really love my Dr. already.  He did my first surgery about 4 years ago and I'm so glad I've came back to him.  

SO yesterday I had to go back and meet with him.  I talked with him about an hour lol and he went over everything, top to bottom, beginning to end.  He asked me how I was feeling and I told him "nervous, hopeful, doubtful, scared" and he hugged me and said " that's all normal, it's going to be okay!".  So after my "therapy" talk lol, I saw the financial lady.  Went over cost and everything and I was supposed to see the nurse but apparently she was super busy.  I have to go back to see her and have her go over my meds, get them ordered and she's supposed to show me how to do them.  I'm going to upload a picture of my protocol and if you ladies don't mind, can you offer some help?   The Stim meds I'm on, is that a lot?  Is it a normal amount?  I know some have to have more than others and I was just wondering where I stand.   Also this cyroscreen?  What's that all about? lol.  

It looks like I'll be starting meds on June 5th. :D  

Baseline blood work and ultrasound

Apr 28, 2016 - 10 comments

Everything went well. I did have a small cyst on my right ovary but she said it shouldn't cause any problems.  About 4 years ago when he did my first laparoscopic surgery I had a cyst on my fallopian tube (of all places) and he removed it.  WELL that stupid cyst is there again (weird!) but it's not in the way either so that's good.  Waiting on blood work results.  I go next Tuesday(May3rd) for a SIS test.  They want to make sure there's nothing inside my uterus that would cause problems with implanting.  I have had a polyp in the past so I hope there's nothing like that in there. :S  And then that Thursday (May 5th) I'll see the Dr. himself and go over our plan. :D  

I start birth control today.   Yowza, really?  THIS Is happening???   I got the shakes, I'm not going to lie.  Nerves are everywhere lol.  

Brian's Biopsy

Apr 10, 2016 - 9 comments

First let me say I'm SO thankful we go what we needed from this biopsy.  I was completely shocked.  I always expect the worst because honestly, that's about all we've ever gotten. :(   They said we definitely have plenty for 1 round of IVF and depending on how many eggs they get from me and how many fertilize we may get 3 rounds out of his biopsy.  WOOHOO!!!

Ok now the hard part.  My poor husband has been through SO much pain.  They had him in recovery about an hour and a half and I finally asked how he was doing.  A nurse rang the phone up front to talk to me.  They said he was in a lot of pain and was trying to get it under control.  About 15 min later I was able to go back and see him.  They had already given him a pain shot but it wasn't working so they were trying to get some crackers and sprite in him so he could take pain meds. So got he meds in him and it was barely taking the edge off so we could come home.  A 2 hours drive mind you.   He said it felt like someone kicked him in the testicles and had god awful constant pain up in his lower stomach and down into the inside of his thigh.  Thankfully they only had to biopsy his right testicle.  So anyways, we get home and he's hurting but ok.  He was walking some (looked like a penguin poor thing) and the next day he was still trying to walk but hurting more and by the 3rd day his "fella's" were the size of an orange and he couldn't walk.  We were icing, he was taking pains meds and his antibiotics.  On day 4 it was still swollen but thankfully it hadn't gotten bigger.  She said that he probably had a hematoma and to make sure he doesn't run a fever over 100 degrees, no infection or oozing or bleeding.  It's been rough but here we are on day 5 after surgery and he's on the couch, the swelling has went down some but better.  He had a shower yesterday yayy lol.  Hoping that it's better and better every day from here on out.  I've emailed the fertility clinic because I was specifics lol.  I want to know about how many they got, I want to know the percentage of morphology and motility.  

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  We are one HUGE step closer to having our miracle!!! :D