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Miscarriage and still trying

Nov 19, 2007 - 3 comments







still trying


trying for pregnancy



I found out i was pregnant July 11th, 2007 Ill never forget the feeling! We went in on Aug 8th for our first appt and found out that the baby had not grown since 6weeks. My husband and i were devistated! So Sept came and no period but intense cramping. Oct came and i had little blood spotting and cramping. 28 days later Nov i had brown spotting and cramping. Still no positive pregnancy tests! Now here it is time for me to be ovulating and i am spotting again instead. My Doctor wants me to have a sonohystogram done to check everything out. I am hesitant to do this b/c not only to I have to wait until its done to continue to try but everytime i have been in for check ups and ultrasounds since the bad news they have said everything is fine. I have nobody to talk to that has had a similiar situation. Is there anyone out there that has has a similiar experience? Everyone keeps saying it will happen but i am just so afraid that it isnt!

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by kaz23, Nov 22, 2007
after my second miscarriage i kept getting pains in my stomach to the right side and had visits to A&E who told me i was probably constipated go home and take laxatives which i refused to do, after 5months of pain and irregular periods and being unable to fall pregnant i finally got a referall for an i scan (internal) which i was told it showed i had a large fibroid so could get irregular even heavy bleeding. At 6 and 7 months after the miscarriage i had two really nasty period like i was miscarrying all over again, i was already under the reccurent miscarriage centre at queen charlottes and had to have tests done with them to find out what was happening ,they discovered that i had  what they call "debris" left inside, the hospital should have checked my hormone level had returned to normal ,instead of assuming that at 80 it would just keep falling back to normal. the scan i had at queen charlottes showed that i was ovulation from my right ovary and that month was pregnant again. when you are due to have tests done for this they usually do urine blood and like me scan that would show up if you wre pregnant. i would say have the tests, even if for peace of mind.  good luck with this :)

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by jenn761, Dec 01, 2007
Thanks for the advice :). I recently started my real period instead of spotting so they want to wait to do the sonohystogram to see what my period is like next month unless i am pregnant which of course is what i am hoping for. I am sorry to hear about your situation but it is nice to have others to talk to abt it. How is your current pregnancy going? i hope well. I just need to know that there is hope out there!! Thanks again and good luck always!!

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by Geri83, Feb 08, 2008
hi my name is geraldine i live in england. i am 24 and have been for nearly four years in july 2006 we decided to try for a baby. because i was so stress nothing happen so in september i decided to stop thinking about it. and it did work because i fell pregnant on the 12jan 2007. everything was fine then at 20week exactly i started bleeding when to hospital. since it was a friday afternoon they said they couldn't do an u/sound i had to wait until monday which i think was out of order. saturday fine no bleeding then a 9p.m i started having pain i didn't know that it was contraction until later. my water broke at 2.14a.m sunday he was born Leo 2.15a.m on Sunday the 20th . he live only for 30mins they said if he was born 2week later they could have something but 20wk is impossibel. i was very distress then 2months later i fell pregnant again and i miscarried on august the 20 exactly 2month after Leo was born. since i've only 3period. miss 3 my last period was 22 of dec miss the on the 19jan and i am still waiting. took two hpt on the 19th and the 21st of jan both negative. i've been having preg symptoms but too scared to take another test. i have an appointment with gyne on the 20feb maybe she can tell a bit more. waiting to hear to hear from i too don't have anyone to talk to. geraldine

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