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Bummed Out

Mar 04, 2014 - 18 comments










So...Im 11 months post HCV treatment and Im feeling pretty good these days. PCP retired so I moved on to a new doc. I really like this guy. He doesn't look at me all crazy because of my tattoos, etc. He actually treats me pretty good. So I went in to have a fingernail and some scar tissue checked out and he ended up doing a full on physical. Its all good...this doc is really big on preventative care and I got a really good PPO so I was game.

I went back today for the results of my labs and WTF....all kinds of shat was out of range. My frickn Triglycerides are 305. My RBC's and Hematocrit were slightly low, good cholesterol low, bad cholesterol high, Uric Acid low,  and Ascorbic Acid in my urine.

So...the only thing Im really tripping on is the Triglycerides and thats because I dont eat least I dont think I do. I go to the gym and take pretty good care of myself...I think. I eat a frickn apple a day! I explain this to the doc and he says that I must have a genetic disposition and put me on Fenofibrate. I will have follow up labs in 6 weeks but am told that I will likely need to be on meds the rest of my life for this.

Im just venting. I mean...Im grateful the doc found this. After all...I was just going on for my nail and a scar. He may have saved me from a stroke or heart attack in the future. I just wonder though if any of this is related to my liver. After all...aren't cholesterol and the liver directly related.

Well...I'll just deal with this like I do with everything else and that's head on.

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by ariley13, Mar 04, 2014
I'm sorry for all the bad news. It's very frustrating when we do all of the right things and still end up with health issues. I'm glad that you and your doctor caught all of these irregular labs before they got any worse. I know you will make it through this. You are a fighter and have proved you can kick any health problem's butt! Take care of yourself E. and try not to let this get you down.

by vicki595, Mar 04, 2014
Oh dear...Well, when labs are so off like this they should be repeated. Is this the first time you've had cholesterol screening?  There's quite a bit of info out there about cholesterol meds being over prescribed; sometimes a diet change and increase in exercise changes everything and sometimes the labs are just wrong.

How's everything else? BP and heart rate...lungs etc...?   Don't be're young and that's in your favor!

by atthebeach, Mar 04, 2014
evan were these fasting results?

by weaver71, Mar 04, 2014
I know man, I been trying to convince Paul to rob Peter himself, so I can move on. I think your liver is likely involved. Probably a little fine tuning needed. You'll be ActingBrandNew, I just know it.

by pooh55811, Mar 04, 2014
There is an association between Hepatitis C and lipid levels. Having Hep C can cause the serum lipids to be lower than if one did not have Hep C. When a person attains SVR and the Hep C is gone, many people have a big jump in their serum lipids. It sounds like that may be what happened in your situation.

This article explains some of it and the other 4 links talk about the serum lipid levels rising after a person attains SVR.

by pooh55811, Mar 04, 2014
PS: This is backwards but ..... I am sorry you are dealing with this and I do hope that you can get the numbers lowered.

I am sure you have already researched on the net for ways to lower your triglycerides without meds. Those tips may help to get it lower along with the meds you are taking. I know you already eat a healthy diet but maybe there is some fine tuning that can be done.

My Triglycerides are fine but I still take Omega 3-6-9 (Nordic Naturals capsules) and soon will switch over to a complete Omega capsule.

My HDL is really good and I think it has to do with all of the olive oil I eat. It is the only oil I use and I use it liberally.

I do have high Cholesterol so I am working on that. I just started taking a plant sterol but it is too early to tell if it is going to work. I also increased the amount of green tea I drink per day.

I am hoping you can get your serum lipids down into a good range. Best of luck.

by EvolverU, Mar 04, 2014

My heart fell when I read this. I went online & started reading as I'm sure you do continually. Two things that caught my eye were that Fenofibrate has jaundice as a possible side effect which concerned me. The other was that not eating before the test might have skewed the results.

Here are the two links:

What's your diet like these days, my friend?

Thinking of you & sending you a gentle hug,


by vicki595, Mar 04, 2014
You're supposed to be fasting from midnight when you have the test...were you?

by EvolverU, Mar 04, 2014
Yup, I wrote that backwards. Just as Vicki says, were you fasting? Also, check this out & read all the way down:

by VICourageous, Mar 04, 2014
I agree..You have to fast to get things right..Also I would do a fast and have it repeated. Just like when they check for your sugar level..You have to fast and have blood drawn. I too take the Omegas for this. Plus they did a test when I worked at the hospital on Oatmeal lowing the Cholesterol. When I came clean my Triglycerides went up because I was eating to much process foods during detox. I know you do not smoke cigs, but that one makes it all go up. ABN please get re-tested. Like Annie said these meds have there own side effects..Try lowing this with foods that help..I wish you the best. I know YOU will do your homework and come up with something..We love U..

by Ellen038, Mar 04, 2014
I'm sorry to hear this E. I know that those labs should be done fasting. My husband was on meds for cholesterol too at one time but our GP took him off them over a year ago because of a new study (I'm sorry I don't remember details) it runs in his family. His cholesterol was slightly elevated along with his fasting BS and he was told to loose 10lbs and it should all be within normal range in about 3 months time. I hope yours were just off or lab error. Definelty look into having them rechecked. Wishing you the best!

by ActingBrandNew, Mar 04, 2014
Thanks for the comments everybody.

I was fasting when I took the test. I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for 13 hours.

I have a lab slip to check everything again in 5 weeks. In the mean time I have the Fenofibrate.

I can usually look at a situation and say...alright, this is how Im going to deal with it. For some reason...this seems to be different. Thank you Pooh and Annie for the links. I will check them out after I write this.

As many know...Im not close with my family so of course I dont know much medical history. I made a call today and I now know my dad has been on statin drugs for many years due to his cholesterol and my grandmother died in her early 50's from a heart attack. So this very well may be a genetic issue but I dont want to jump the gun.

Its hard not to tie this to my past liver issues. When I was infected with HCV I was a genotype 3a which is associated with Hepatic Steatosis (Fatty Liver Disease) I was DX with it however it was my understanding from the literature that it would resolve with eradication of the Hep. I will have to get to reading. (Im hoping I find the answers in your links Pooh :)

I usually dont get tired and am very self motivated but for some reason these labs have really upset me. I dont know what it is...I guess Im just tired. Ive already taken my first dose of Fenofibrate but uneasy about it. I have my questions. Was it too soon? What in my diet could be different or what natural supplements should I try first....but according to my smarty pants doc that I really do like...if Im eating what I say Im eating...the Fenofibrate is necessary.


I appreciate the support and kind words. Im just stunned that so many lab values were off....I mean, Im frickn Anemic again. Yeah...not by much but Im not on Ribavirin anymore so WTF. I shouldn't be borderline...I should have strong numbers. I just dont know what else I should be doing.

Thanks for listening everybody.

by VICourageous, Mar 04, 2014
ABN..I am so sorry..It just seems like we get to feeling good and everything is good..Then out of no where shiit hits the fan. I feel like I am back in detox since all my crisis came down. I know YOU will find your answer..WHY?? Because that what you are so good at..Study, study and study you are always bringing in great info..Now just let us know what you find out..I can use the good news and lower mine a bit too..Good Luck..A Big Hug to

by atthebeach, Mar 05, 2014
ok was fasting.  evan I had been told from the age of about 40 that my cholesterol was running high, never too crazy in the low 200's, was told to exercise more and eat a healthy diet which I had already been doing.
my mom and dad both had always had higher cholesterol also, so yes genetic for me,
I was not put on statins until about 4 years ago. who wants to take meds they don't have too. about two months after I was put on them I started to have severe pain and cramping. after some testing, intense pain, some scans, it turned out I had gallstones and a very sluggish and inflamed gallbladder. this was all due to the high cholesterol. I had to have my gallbladder removed. I am still taking the statins.

evan the liver does heal and regenerate so I don't know if it would only be related to your hep issues.
I would be more inclined to think it is genetic.

trying to get the good hdl up would help. what is your hdl?
keep the faith evan. you know the GOD we serve and HE is able. you have already overcome so much.
GOD's not finished with you yet my friend.
increasing your dark, leafy greens to help with the iron levels. you are including a cardio workout in right?

by jugglin, Mar 05, 2014
I don't have any medical information on these issues, but there are some grand people on here who do and gave you some additional info for you to follow up. I just wanted to offer my support.  I agree with Vic, seems like when we are feeling good or believe we are headed in the right direction, it just is completely devastating when we hear things to the contrary,  I'm so sorry this has you bummed.  I can't even imagine.  I am saying extra prayers for you this morning...prayers for healing, comfort, guidance, patience. Wishing you a better today.

by ActingBrandNew, Mar 05, 2014
It would seem that the Hep...or now the lack of may very well be the culprit.

Hepatitis C virus infection and its clearance alter circulating lipids: Implications for long-term follow-up

"These results persisted when adjusted for age, sex, and genotype. 13% of patients with viral clearance had increased LDL and 33% experienced increases in cholesterol to levels warranting lipid lowering therapy."

" A significant portion of successfully treated patients experience LDL and cholesterol rebound to levels associated with increased coronary disease risk. "

@ Vickie- My lungs are good, BP mostly ok. When I saw my Hepa the other day it was high but maybe cus I was nervous :)
@ Debbie -  God will see me through this. Thanks for responding.

by ricart70, Mar 05, 2014
Hey Evan !  I really don't know much about all of this but I just wanted to lend my support. I do know that on some of the stuff you were speaking of that heavy exercise will cause some urine markers to be off such as protein and some others.
   I think you are going to be ok my friend.   Also, i always tend to eat right but then there will always be this certain thing that I am eating that will really be a bad food in disguise ;)   I am always told by people in the know ;))

by Verdugo, Mar 05, 2014
You should check out this book:  It is written by a respected cardiologist.  He does prescribe statins in rare cases but believes they are over-prescribed in general and not without risk.  He goes into detail on how to analyze your HDL, LDL and trigylicerides (sp?).  There's an important relationship between these numbers which is well explained.  Most doctors do not know how to properly interpret this information.  He recommends a CRP blood test to determine inflammation.  Anyway, the book give a lot of advice if your numbers are out of balance and have inflammation.

I noticed that you're in the LA area, (me too), and I'd recommend getting the book from the library.  In fact, it's available thru e-media so it's just a click away.  

Good luck.

Be well, V.

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