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Abdominal Pain

May 05, 2008 - 4 comments







abdomen pain




upper abdomen


upper abdomen pain





Hoping someone out there has some insite into my symptomes... I am 24 and for the past five months have been suffering from abdominal pain, dizzyness, nausea, and fatigue.

It started with extreme pain in my left kidney which I thought was kidney stones but turned out to be "nothing"when I had CT scan done.  A month later I started to get extremely painful attacks in my gallbladder which happened 1-2 times a week usually around 10pm or later. These attacks are the most extreme cramps ive experienced to the point where I cant talk and it hurts a lot to breath - also there is a burning sensation in the area.  Eating can bring on an attack but not usually until 2-3 hours after.  Between attacks I have a constant dull pain/cramp feeling by my gallbladder and occasional pain which shoots across the abodomen to my kidney and/or down to my right ovary area.  THe fatique and dizzyness is fairly constant and the day after an attack makes climbing a set of stairs a heroic journey.

Tests done include full abdomen ultrasound, ct on kidney area, x-rays on abdomen, numerous blood tests including ones for lung blood clot, diabetes, blood sugar.  My doctor has me trying Zantac (used to treat ulcers)to see if that helps but so far Ive noticed no improvement.  Doctor has requested to see a surgeon/specialist but this wont happen for 3 months.  Really hoping to figure something out in the mean time as the pain/fatigue seems to be worsening and work is becoming a real chore!

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by Revie, May 05, 2008
Hope you get an answer, Try Lyme disease website see if the symptoms are anything like yours. Is quite an unknown illness but causes, pain, fatigue, tiredness, dizzyness.Cramps and others. May be totally nothing to do with your pain but it is another area to check xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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by Momofthreecrazykids, May 23, 2008
OMG, for the past few months I've been experiencing this.  More in my left ovary and spleen area.  I'm SO tired, fatigued, dizzy, cramps and nausious.  

I just had blood work done and nothing showed.  Ultrasounds and e-rays....NOTHING!  Sometimes I feel so dizzy that I can't even keep my eyes opened.  On the ultrasound, they did find a small cyst, but I've had that since I could remember.  But this is doubling over pain and I can't sit up...

i really hope you find what's wrong and I hope I can find it as well.  I wish you luck.  I know I'm switching hospitals because I've seen every doctor at this one...

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by PainPainPainPain, Jun 02, 2008
I am having the same issues. I am a healthy 27 yr old male with regular excercise and moderate drinking.  My symptoms started in right kidney with an extreme burning sensation.  About 2-3 weeks later a sharp pain in my right upper abdominal area, under my rib cage, started.  I have had Ultra sound, CT scan, Gall Bladder radiation function test, all of which were negative.  I'm experiencing nausea, dizzyness, and fatigue.  None of the doctors have an answer.  Its impacting my job and social life.  I really would love to find out an answer.  I think the doctor is sending me next to find out if I have a pinch nerve in my back sending pain signals around my body.  Good luck and be sure to update if you find a cause.

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by kakeyp, Feb 02, 2011
i am having the same problems, i am slightly over weight, and 16 years old , it started off in the left side, kidney area, a week later it moved to my right side , when i was rushed to hospital , with suspected appendisitus, they did , blood tests, urine tests, i have hundreds of doctors look at me , x-rays, they put me on some REALLY strong pain killers, which i did not react too well, and think this could have somehow egged the pain on... this was about 3 months ago now. and im still experiencing these pains, at first i thought that i could be pregnant , but test have shown that wrong. ive been for 2 ultra sounds, checking ovarys, uterus , appendix, kidney, spleen, gall bladder, and well everything in that area... because of these pains in my stomache and the fatuige and nausea and dizzyness, i have had to leave college, i have had my bloods check now , 5 times i think. and everytime they come back negitive... its getting to the point where i want them to find something. god knows what they are gonna send me to be checked next. good luck to you all :)

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