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Infiltrated Fistula

Apr 11, 2014 - 12 comments

well I did it I did my first treatment.. It was not as bad as I imagined and not as good as I hoped.. when they removed the hook-ups they infiltrated my fistula causing my arm to swell immediately with blood that leaked from it My are swelled so much ! Iced it and got the ostrich egg down but now my arm is swollen form the crook to the top of the muscle, I can not bend nor straighten it all they way and it is turning black and blue with many other colors.. They say this does not happen often but it does happen to new fistulas especially. The pain was un freakin bearable !!

Now I need to rest the arm skip sat, app. and try to go tues I hope the swelling will be down by then.. I was told if I stop urinating our have trouble breathing go to er and watch for infection..

I do not know, I do not like it this for sure but I can do this too spend More time with my family.. I can go thru just about anything for them..

I look forward to hearing what UCSF has to offer..

As for the dialysis it's self It is not terrible It does not hurt only before and well I do not know about after I only know that it hurt like hell for me :( geez how do I go back and let them poke this arm again !!

Love you my MH family I miss you all Hopefully someday I will be back to myself and will be able to rejoin in the community..  

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1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Apr 11, 2014
Lesa I am sending you so much love, brave one.  You are a soldier, idk how you do it I respect and admire you as always.  I think about you.  all my love, Meegan

406584 tn?1399591666
by 10356, Apr 11, 2014
Thank you Meegan Your words mean a lot to me.. You do not know this but I have spent many a night reading your journals but just feeling too tired to respond but they have helped to take my mind of my troubles. I think you are the Brave one the Soldier, I feel very Proud for you for doing what you are doing. I have never lived on my own. ever. so in my eyes you are soo much Braver then I ! warm hug with love, lesa

4522800 tn?1470329434
by VICourageous, Apr 11, 2014
My Prays go out!!!! You have been a worrier and a strong one at that..Keep up the positive thinking and I am SO Sorry it hurt. Girl you have had some times with all of this. I can not stand to be poked because they never find my
Bless You & Your Family

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Apr 12, 2014
oh Lesa that helps me so much I was just settling into my nighttime routine thinking about how much I miss my hub.  But I am ok.  I really am doing a lot better ... I remember this time last year.  Wow You do not know how much it means to Me that you are reading.  sometimes I feel like people don't read them at all and that makes me sad, though I write them first for me / my own well-being and sanity.  I am honored you read them!  ty  and for your kind words ... me, brave?  :)

I am so sorry about your pain.  that sounds so horrible, like so much pain Lesa.  I am keeping you in my thoughts that you will have some relief soon and that you will reap the benefits from these trials and suffering.  <3  meegan

495284 tn?1333897642
by dominosarah, Apr 12, 2014
Oh my wonderful beautiful friend.......You cant do anything the easy way can you!!  I am so sorry to hear this happened.  Your spirit is getting stronger again and that is one bright spot in all of this.  You may not see that right now but i do. Take care of you and your arm this weekend.  I have my eyes on you sister!!

Your niece and Bea send you big kisses and wagging tails, I send you my love~

874521 tn?1424120397
by opus88, Apr 12, 2014
Oh no dear, I have to echo Sara's words in saying....nothing goes the east way for you dear lady! I was so looking forward to yr update an telling us it all went well an how much better it made you feel.....not to be YET, but it will come, just not for right as soon as we hoped. I too admire yr strength an perseverance!
You are such an amazing person, an inspiration to us all......I pray yr road will soon get easier. Sending many healing hugs.

675718 tn?1449992146
by drifter0213, Apr 12, 2014
hope you feel better :)

495284 tn?1333897642
by dominosarah, Apr 12, 2014
How is the arm today??  Bladder and breathing okay?

480448 tn?1426952138
by nursegirl6572, Apr 12, 2014
Oh my Lesa!  I'm so sorry about this.  Just another hill to climb huh sweetie?  I'm blown away by your bravery and amazing attitude.  You've got this (again)....actually, you've got ANYTHING thrown your way, let's just hope there's no more coming your way.  You're OVERDUE for some smooth sailing.  I'm continuing to pray for that for you.  We're always here, I hope to see you around more often when you're up to it.  I know I appreciate your updates, I wonder how you're doing a lot.

Blessings to you....XOXO

406584 tn?1399591666
by 10356, Apr 12, 2014
Thank you all of you !! You all make me feel so good even thou I feel bad lol That is how amazing you all are !!

Sara still breathing and still peeing :)) I just got back from the clinic to check the tb test and to look at my arm Yep it looks like hell and hurts like hell also !
I'm going to lay down as I feel tired but hopefully later I will feel up to taking the dogs for a walk I have not been able to walk them as often due to the pain in my legs and stuff I miss it but that is getting better everyday with the loss of edema..
It is such a pretty day out today it is such a shame I will miss part of it but I do need to rest..

Thank you all once again I really would be lost without you all I know for sure my life would be emptier.. hugs

Avatar universal
by addict3, Apr 13, 2014
I hope today you are feeling better. Your arm will get better and this procedure will help you in getting back to being your old self. There are a lot of people cheering for you from this community!
I wish you the best and look forward to your updates.

Avatar universal
by vicki595, Apr 13, 2014
Thinking of you lesa...and hurray for peeing!!  I hope it goes well on Tuesday-xoxoxo

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