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Sugar and High Blood Pressure

May 06, 2014 - 0 comments

There are now several studies confirming that too much sugar will put you at a greater risk for developing heart disease than too much cholesterol. Yet, while Americans are very aware of the dangers of high cholesterol, few people are educated about how harmful sugar can be. One of the biggest dangers is how it can contribute to high blood pressure.

Researchers at Louisiana State University recently conducted an 18-month study on 810 people without high blood pressure or the early stages of high blood pressure. Their goal was to evaluate how exercise, weight loss and diet affect blood pressure. The results were published in the journal Circulation, they found that by cutting back on sugar will lower high blood pressure. They also found that overweight adults with high blood pressure who drank one less serving of sugary soda per day had a significant decline in blood pressure after 18 months.

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