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Some Causes for Irregular Periods.

Jun 09, 2014 - 7 comments

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Irregular Menstrual Periods.

Most women of child bearing age have between 10 and 12 menstrual cycles every year. This may be considered the “normal” but that is not to say that it has to be the normal for you. You may have only 6 to 8 periods per year and that is your “normal” and should be nothing to worry about. It is just how you are.
Menstrual cycles can only be considered irregular when they cease altogether for long periods and for no obvious cause only to return again sporadically and unpredictably.

Causes of Irregular Periods.

• During the first year or two after periods begin (the menarche) periods will be sporadic until hormones come into balance.
• Similarly, during the last year or two before the menopause it is normal that periods should become irregular before ceasing altogether.
• Pregnancy is the commonest cause for the cessation of periods but by no means the only cause. Home pregnancy testing kits are inexpensive and simple to use. A positive pregnancy test must be returned before one assumes one is pregnant.
• Increased dieting and weight loss can upset hormonal balance and bring about the temporary cessation of menstrual cycles.
• Sudden increase in exercising levels.
• Stress, anxiety, emotional upset, bereavement and loss such as being in exile or loss of freedom.
• The birth control pill and other hormonal contraceptives like the IUD, implants or the depot injection can cause periods to stop or become very irregular.
• Ovarian disease most particularly Polycystic Ovarian Disease (POD) can cause irregular periods. This may need an Ultrasound Scan to diagnose.
• Lactation or breast feeding can cause periods to be unpredictable.
• Any chronic illness or debility such as Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Tuberculosis, Diabetes or Crohns Disease can cause periods to be erratic or absent.

Deliberate Postponement of Periods.

Doctors are sometimes asked about ways to bring about a temporary cessation of menstruation. This may sometimes be desired to cover some special event such as a honeymoon or an important competition or occasion. Periods can usually be stopped indefinitely by the continuous use of the birth control pill. This would need to be of sufficient strength as not to allow for breakthrough bleeding.

If your periods have become irregular or have stopped altogether for no obvious reason and you are looking for answers to this then we are here to help you.

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by paaa, Jun 12, 2014
Thanks Sir for the highly informative journal entry.I had missed periods because of 4th and 5th points.

Sir, can you please help me with following problem I will be grateful to you!

I am a 28 years old female, not sexually active.I have been having my lips swollen whenever I wake up from sleep from past 7 days. They are swollen, red, itchy and chapped. They are itchy on borders and are sticky as well when I wash them, although after washing they are softened but are still swollen and itchy. I use Vaseline at night but I feel it just melts off as I feel watery stuff around lips when I am sleeping.

I have been taking psyllium husk from past 15 days after doing mangnesium sulphate detox. I experienced itchy and little bumps 11 days ago for which I used corticosteroid and bumps were cleared after 3 days from then I used hamdard safi for constipation, I was suffering from constipation even after using husk, maybe coz I ate pizza 2 days in row. With safi I took more than 2 tbs ie more than 10ml more like 20 ml and it helped withing 2 hrs for constipation as I got diarrhea sort of thing. And I don't know if it is a coincidence or what but I got swollen lips condition after a day. I didn't know and still not sure if it was because of safi but after 2 days I took safi for constipation again. The swelling is not coming down since it first came and chapping of lips is getting worse day by day.

Could safi be poisonous to me...I don't know what is causing this condition on my lips. The bumps on and around esp on border of lips surfaced last year as well and I was prescribed corticosteroid. The period that I have mention here I had been taking vit b12 and ate few threptin biscuits as well.

12th June 2014.

by Andrew John Rynne, MDBlank, Jun 12, 2014
Just go off ALL medications and herbs now please. You don't need them and you are reacting badly to them. Keep using the corticosteroide ointment on your lips and is necessary also get an antihistamine medicine as well. You should be fine.

Andrew Rynne.

by paaa, Jun 12, 2014
Thank You very much Sir. I sure will do that.

by williamsfam6, Jul 11, 2014
Hi . I am a healthy 40 year old. Periods normal up until this month. My cycle stopped on Monday and 3 days later out of no where I had like a gush of like period.....lightened then brownish stopped after about 8 hours. I woke up next day no bleeding but by afternoon same thing. Has happenedonly difference I have the normal ccramping and pain as if ead time for period.

by williamsfam6, Jul 11, 2014
Per question above wanted to include no sexual activity in 2 weeks since period had just stopped on Monday. Married 21 years

by TrivediEffect, Jan 29, 2015
A woman suffering from irregular menstrual cycle has symptoms like infrequent or too frequent periods, missed periods, cramps, blood clots, change in duration of bleeding and blood flow. - See more at: http://www.trivedieffect.com/irregular-menstrual-cycle/#sthash.XU5hcmiD.dpuf

by jaslex, Mar 02, 2015
I have been on my cycle now 16 days straight very heavy bleeding and extreme clotting. What can be causing this?

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