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Genital Warts. My Secret cure.

Jun 11, 2014 - 4 comments

Genital Warts




genital warts cure


cure my genital warts


secret cure for genital warts

What are Genital Warts?

Like all warts that appear on the human body from time to time, genital warts are a viral skin invasion caused by a sub-specious of the human papillomavirus (HPV) Genital warts are invariable described as a "sexually transmitted disease." However, it has been my certain experience as a practicing medical doctor that this is not invariable the case. Genital warts can occur in non-sexually active monogamous adults.

How are Genital warts diagnosed? Genital warts are diagnosed very simply by their location and appearance. First of all their appearance, they come in two forms:

Typically genital warts look like small, usually pale, clusters of skin tags of about the size of a match head or smaller. They are itchy and
nasty.You want rid of them.
Or they can take the form of tiny clumps like cauliflower heads.
And their location? In the male and female genital warts may be located around the anal verge. They are typically located on the verge of the foreskin in the circumcised and uncircumcised mate and and around the vaginal opening in the female.

Genital warts are treated like warts anywhere else on the body except that in their case particular attention has to be given to the exceptionally sensitive nature of their location. These treatments might include:

Topical applications containing concentrated formula of acetylsalicylic acid (Podophyllin) This should only be used under a doctor's
Freezing under local anesthetic. This is also called cryo-surgery
Electrocautery or burning. Again this requires some anesthesia.
Surgical excision and laser treatments. These tend to be expensive.So what's my secret treatment for genital warts?"
My secret treatment for genital warts is cheap and cheerful, painless, effective and spears you all that embarrassment and costs and it is this:
Go out and purchase a tube of Podophyllin -- the stronger the better. Do not open the tube and of course do not apply any to your warts. Instead carry the tube around on your person -- in your purse, handbag, pocket, under your bra -- wherever. From time to time during the day, whenever you get a chance, while watching TV, reading, traveling, whatever, take the tube into the palm of your hand, close your eyes, concentrate and visualize and that,s the most important bit of all, visualize your genital warts just shriveling up and falling away from your body leaving nice smooth healthy skin behind. Do this about three time a day and your warts will be none in a week.

We know that all warts respond to charm, folk cures, pishoges, visualization and suggestion. Nowhere is this better illustrated than when it comes to those horrible genital warts. Go try it.

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