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Aug 10, 2009 - 2 comments







Dry skin



  since i was very young ,i've been tell by people that i have an amazing body..yeah i do have a good body. but under the tight pants and nice short dresses. i have a frustration.. im just 17 years old and i have stretch marks on my butt, inbetween my thighs and lower hips. im so disgusted by this that i barely go to beach and pool. i live in miami florida so it is very normal to go enjoy the beach regurlaly.i  workout , i've used lotion , creams you name it and still they are there. my mom even took me to the doctor , and the doctor asked me if i had lost or gain a good amount of weight. but no i have always been the really skiny girl of 120lbs, the doctor told me then it was that i had a very dry skin. and to put on lotion on where my stretch marks were present.i have been doing this for more than 3 years but nothing. the stretch mark are still visible and im so ashamed of them. and it is even more embarrasing to have my boyfriend see it. whenever we are doing it ,or taking a bath together  i try so hard to hide those parts of my body but imagine  it is impossible. im so frustated and embarrassed by this. that i have forbidden myself to put on a bikini and im now i only want to wear swim suit shorts, and im just 17. what do i do?

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by shammygalle, Dec 04, 2009
hi i also have the same prob as urs but im a male, i also want to make it less visible if u hv found any solution for that plz send me a message.thanks

by elle123, Dec 05, 2009
ok. if i find a solution for this problem i will let u know as soon as possible.

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