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my love

Jul 09, 2014 - 7 comments

I am dating now for a year with my new girlfriend bearsfan1970 happy anniversary babe

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by Heather8448, Jul 09, 2014
Awe congrats happy anniversary

by swabes, Jul 09, 2014
Way to go Drifter, very happy for you! Happy Anniversary!

by 10356, Jul 09, 2014
Happy Anniversary !! I'm so Happy for you Drifter :) lesa

by ariley13, Jul 09, 2014
Happy Anniversary to you both!! I hope you two have a fabulous day!  :)

by IBKleen, Jul 09, 2014
Congratulations buddy. I am so very happy for you!!!!!!!! So will she be playing in the pool?????

by dominosarah, Jul 09, 2014
I am so happy for you drifter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's THE RAIDERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by drifter0213, Jul 10, 2014
thank you everyone and yes she will be on the pool soon as we figure out how to join communities lol :)

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