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8 1/2 Months off Subutex !!!

Aug 12, 2014 - 3 comments

Today was a good day, i cooked dinner and cleaned the house. Very proud of myself. Energy seems to come more at night time but its all good. No depression or confusion. No sadness. Lots of motivation, energy and cups of dilmah tea. Im dieting now and writing everything i eat i write down and never having to diet before is a hurdle in my life. 25 kilos in 6 months of being in bed is what i have to loose. But not to worry because today im happy : )

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by EvolverU, Aug 12, 2014
YES!!  Awesome Amanda! it gave me a much-needed lift just reading this & I'm glad you're holding this day close & celebrating it.

I so related to what you're describing. These moments seem to come & go for us -- the even energy - the feeling up -- the sun at last from behind the clouds! It's really difficult to come back from having to be in bed for 6 mos., let alone from 6 mos. in addition to the abiding deficits that Subs & M'done tend to leave us with. I didn't gain too much weight but I lost health & became weak & untoned & depressed in a sustained way that I'd never experienced. I know that doing the things you used to do & feeling the way you used to can be a real challenge. It's hard to get the momentum back to keep pushing & to follow through when your energy keeps dipping & the fog & depression descend but I think that it's so key that we do & that we have to fight our way out of this. It was just about at your stage when I was finally able to go out & start engaging again & got a job. It goes in cycles but continues to get better (I'm a little less than a year ahead of you). I've found that doing just what you mention in a sustained way (i.e. cleaning the house, [or @ least my room ;)] exercising, working, getting out into the world & engaging with other people consistently, have been my best medicines. I think that as things get gradually better for you & you push yourself that those kilos will start to drop off. That in itself will give you more energy & make you feel better!

I'm Happy with you & for you! Thank you for the gift of optimism & fellow feeling I received when reading this! :)

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by jugglin, Aug 12, 2014
Woohoo for you Amanda!  So glad you are having a good day with some energy, and the feeling of accomplishment.  You continue to inspire honey, you do.  I love that you are sharing of your continued journey thru the crappy times and the good times.  Isn't it wonderful to look back at see how initially the crappy times outweighed the good, but now the good outweigh the crappy?  Just blessed by you girl.  Be proud of yourself and keep trying to be the best you that you can be!

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by Amandag78, Aug 12, 2014
Hey ladies, how blessed i am to have you girls in my life. Advice and comments are always a blessing from you two angels so thankyou so much. Yes, great good days are outweighing the bad now. xoxo

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