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Oct 09, 2009 - 3 comments

Hepatitus C

Two years ago I came here and was so overwhelmed at the time that I wrote the last entry.  I had always worked, been healthy, positive and all of a sudden was hit by numerous health issues.  They didn't creep up on me, instead they jumped me from behind and knocked me out.  I lost my job, home, all possessions and waited for disability.  I had to go on food stamps, get free county medical help and live in a studio with 5 cats and my husband and 27 year old son.  The treatment didn't work and physically I am in worse shape.....but.....I still have my family, the cats and a roof over my head, disability was approved although they have cut off my food stamps and I won't get medical until 2011!!  It is funny, go one step forward and two back.

I have learned that I cannot hide my head under the covers and pretend that this is not happening.  I have to reach out and care for others, letting people know about this virus and giving them hope, while they give me hope.  I need the community of others to share and cry with, to laugh and give hope to.

I cannot walk this path alone.  Not only am I dealing with death and poor health, but am also trying to prepare my son and husband for the future.  I do not want to do it with a lot of negative energy, but with laughter and love.

I am so glad that this site is here and I sincerely hope to get to know all the people here and to share and grow.

Together, we can slay the dragon and have a future!

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665963 tn?1360727154
by ArthursMom, Oct 09, 2009
Your ability to reach out and touch others is so admirable, IMO!  You'll draw a lot of support that way.   I tend to be more reserved and "self protective", usually, and end up dealing with a lot of "stuff" alone. Your family is very blessed that you have such a positive outlook.

717272 tn?1277594380
by newleaf09, Oct 09, 2009
I'm 57, 2 kids 32 and 27, married for a long time.  Was where you are now about this time last year.  Just reading about cirrhosis is enough to make you want to go to bed for a few weeks.  I successfully treated and that's behind me now and I am waiting to re-biopsy to see where I am now.  The virus was not what killed my liver (results 3/4 last November when I started TX), over-using one of the NSAID's did.  I kind of lost sight of that during the TX whirlwind but am now feeling hopeful because I stopped taking the NSAID one year ago and without that OR the HCV virus beating on me any more I am actually looking forward to having my liver cork-screwed next June.  Be cautious with your health; watch everything that goes in your mouth or that you come into contact with.  Cirrhosis is reversible for those who stopping accidentally inviting it.  I'm pulling for you.

Avatar m tn
by kiowa806, Nov 18, 2009
your words have been music to my ears.Thank you { I think my ears are the only part of my body that doesn't hurt} LOL thanks again

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