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Dec 05, 2009 - 2 comments







grinding teeth

I went up a little today, but I think it's only because I drank water in the middle of the night and had the rest of my dinner after midnight (it was a late night for me last night), so I think that was weighing me down. Otherwise, it could be because I ate soup from a can yesterday and had some other salty things to eat. I have to admit, though, that I haven't been eating regular meals, so I might have a problem of not eating enough calories. I'm trying to have more scarcely-sized meals earlier in the day when I'm not so hungry, which makes allowances for the super high-calorie types of food I tend to get later in the day. I probably should eat more filling meals earlier rather than later, but if I do that, I'll probably just go right back to bed after the meal and then all that time that I could have been full and awake has been wasted. Another problem is that I'm trying to take a lack of appetite where I can get it. I want to be thin, and to do that I have to eat less than I used to. I'm worried this lack of hunger won't last and that I'll become really panicked about food again at some point, possibly in the near future. But at least I'm not force-feeding myself as much now. The medication made me do that a lot when I first started taking it. I ended up eating more than was comfortable and more than I even wanted...I'm not sure why. I just know that the doctor told me that the medication causes some people (at least, I assume it was only some) to feel hungry all the time. I even got preoccupied with food and felt afraid about it, like there wasn't going to be any more so I had to eat as much as possible now before it was gone. It wasn't logical at all. I guess I traded one anxiety for another. I've been grinding my teeth a lot lately, but yesterday, I got to the lowest weight I've ever recorded on Tracker (by .2 pounds, but still...), so it's kind of whatever I can handle either way.

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Avatar f tn
by doodler, Dec 05, 2009
Congratulations on your lowest yet!  You are doing so well, proud of you :)

Avatar n tn
by watthehell, Dec 14, 2010
are you insane?

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