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Activity after Retinal Detachment Surgery

Dec 13, 2009 - 53 comments

Retinal holes/tears are very common and depending on size, location, personal and family history and the presence or abscense of vitreous traction may not need treatment. If treatment is done additional tears or a retinal detachment could occur but it is much more likely to not occur. It is important for him to follow up regularly with his ophthalmologist for a dilated retina and peripheral retina exam. He should see the Eye MD immediately with sudden increase of floaters, flashes or loss of peripheral vision.

You need to ask he surgeon specifically about activity. As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days. There is a major risk of eye injury in racquet sports and your husband MUST wear safety sports glasses for his tennis game. (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries).

Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had). Almost all retina surgeons allowed full activity after a variable period of time (with the more extensive surgery generally several months).

In my practice I tell patients with retinal tears, retinal detachment, high myopia or other risk factors for retinal detachment to avoid amusement park rides (roller coasters and other thrill rides, bumper cars, etc.), boxing, yoga movements where they stand on their heads, gravity boots, and activities that jerk the head violently back and fourth.

Thanks for posting, I hope this answered your question.


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by karmentrout, Jan 05, 2010
Thank you for this blog.  I am recovering my from third retina surgery in three months.  With the first two detachments I had the gas bubble placed in my eye.  For the last surgery I went to the Duke University Eye Center and had the buckle and oil placed in the eye.  I have been told that within a week, I can assume my normal activity level; however, it has almost been a week, and I am still in pain and have no desire to return to my normal level of activity.

Prior to my retina detachment, I was a long-distance runner who ran at least one marathon a year.  In total, I have run 16 marathons.  The doctors here tell me that there is no association between long-distance running and detached retinas.  I am wondering if you have had any experience treating long-distance runners for retinal detachments and your thoughts on running.

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by calborz, Feb 23, 2011
I too have a similar question. My mother had retina detachment and she too had a gas bubble then had oil in there for 6 months and now she is having catarac surgery. She wants to do hot yoga again. How long does she have to wait till she can?

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by Neha1988, Feb 21, 2013

I had a retina detachment due to high myopia and I underwent vitreo retinal silicon oil surgery in my left eye on 18th Sept'12. In Nov last week my doctor realized that the oil inside my eye had emulsified, so he decided to perform the oil removal surgery on 7th Dec (not even 3 months) . During this surgery, oil was replaced by a gas bubble and the bubble gradually went away in 7 weeks. But still I havent gained the vision clarity...I have been asking my doctor regarding the same and he says taht the vision will become clearer..but still no success ! IT feels as if I am using glasses of lower power. really dont know what to do !! The doctor shall be performing cataract surgery in the operated eye some time in Mar'13. I hope this surgery brings back my vision clarity !! Does anyone of you have a similar experience ?  

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by browneyesz, Mar 15, 2013
Neha1988, I had sergury for retinal detachment almost 3 years ago and I never got back my full vision. Doctor said I didn't get enough blood flow. I permanently lost all my vision on half of my eye, the rest of my vision just got worse than before.

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by rn_running, Jul 22, 2015
What do the above surgeries accomplish if these people come away with so many complications and surgeries?

Before this type of surgery 100% ended up blind and sometimes painful. The surgery enables 90+ % to prevent going blind and retain some vision. If the macula is not pulled off by the RD them sometimes can recover full vision.


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by JOHNMATHEWS, Sep 10, 2015
sir i have one doubt...i have three retinal hole in both eyes and im not myopic... i had barrage laser done...and my doctor told  to do any activity except for heavy weight lifting ...but i hav seen from previous comments u have told dont jerk ur head violently back and forth bcoz it may lead to retinal detachment...im afraid even to move my head while doing any activity

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 10, 2015
That is overly-protective and normal "activities of daily living" are not likely to hurt your retina. Your retina surgeon agreed with this.  The things I tell my patients to avoid are violent head jerking such as you might have riding amusement rides, contact sports like football or rugby,  yoga exercises where you stand on your head.  If you have specific sports or activities in mind ask your retina surgeon but the things you normally do in a day even jogging are not likely to create a problem

Avatar universal
by JOHNMATHEWS, Sep 11, 2015
thanks  sir....why violent jerking leads to retinal detachment?..it has anything to do with eye..i dance so i move my head..does moving the head have any effect on retina..my retina surgeon told it has nothing to do with..but i want to clarify with u sir

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 11, 2015
Dancing is generally okay. I'm talking about roller coasters, and other thrill rides.    Confirm with your surgeon.


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by JOHNMATHEWS, Sep 11, 2015
wat jerking the head violently means sir.. I couldn't understand

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 11, 2015

1.a quick, sharp, sudden movement:
"he gave a sudden jerk of his head"

synonyms: yank · tug · pull · wrench · tweak · twitch · jolt · lurch · bump ·

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by JOHNMATHEWS, Sep 11, 2015
even while dancing I move by head.. so I am vulnerable sir?

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 11, 2015
Last comment: I have never heard of a retina detaching during "dancing" Ask your retina MD


177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 12, 2015

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 12, 2015

by JohnHaganMD, 22 hours .

Last comment: I have never heard of a retina detaching during "dancing" Ask your retina MD

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Sep 14, 2015
I am not going to continue this dialog after this post.

1. A PubMed search showed not papers on retinal detachment after dancing. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=retinal+detachment+after+dancing
2. The treating retina surgeon will have to make the final recommendations.

That's all I can say.

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by thecat63, Dec 11, 2015
I had a severe eye injury in June '15. A bungee cord snapped and struck my left eye. Although my iris was damaged, I recovered some vision after the blood cleared from my eye. My doctor said that the eye could not focus because my iris would not open and close as a normal iris does. He was very concerned that my retina might detach because the trauma left a slight bulge in the back of the eye. After two months, the swelling went down in the back of my eye.My doctor was encouraged by the healing and he thought the danger of retina detachment was greatly reduced. He did not recommend surgery and I still think the recommendation was right. However, I was still taking glaucoma medicine because my eye pressure increased after the injury. The eye pressure was well under control and my doctor was reducing the amount of glaucoma medicine. And tests indicated that my vision might be restored to 20/40 with the aid of a special contact lens. The contact lens would have an outer, opaque ring matching the color of my right eye with an inner, transparent circle with a lens. After three and a half months, my eye had healed sufficiently to travel again and resume my normal activities. I was a very active retiree before my injury: surfing 100 +/- days per year, 100+ rounds of golf per year, and intermediate yoga, bicycle riding and light weight lifting. I was slowly resuming my activities after three months and I traveled about 5 months after my injury.

While I was traveling in Central America, my retina started to detach. I rushed home and I had immediate eye surgery on 24 Nov '15. The surgeon told me that there was scar tissue under the retina, apparently from my previous injury. My eye is still healing and the gas bubble is nearly gone. The reattachment was successful and I have vision throughout my entire eye. The vision is a cloudy or blurred, but I can make out objects and colors fine. I am hoping that my vision returns to where it was prior to the detachment. I realize that the healing process will take some time. I hope that after a month I will be able to take daily 20-30 minute walks. And I hope that after 2 months I will be able to resume light yoga along with the walks. At some point in the future, I hope to begin golfing and surfing small waves. However, do you think that I will ever be able to resume my high activity level? In a year? I understand that I can not participate in activities that will jerk my head violently or increase my blood pressure(large wave surfing or heavy weight lifting).  

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Dec 11, 2015
To answer this question it would be necessary to look into both your eyes and evaluate your risk factors and have you ask about every activity. Your best and only source of this information is your retina surgeon. Golfing, walking, swimming will likely not be a problem. Bicycle risks of fall are high (I've had two serious bike accidents) even with helmet is risky. Consider spinning or stationary bike.


Avatar universal
by thecat63, Dec 14, 2015
Thanks for your advice.

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Dec 14, 2015
You are welcome

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by Jane888, Feb 23, 2016
Dr. Hagan, you are so wonderful in helping everyone with their questions, it has also helped those of us that are experiencing the same thing - there is limited information out there about Retina Detachment.

My husband had 4 surgeries - Gas bubble, Air Bubble, Scleral Buckle, and Silicon Oil which finally, from what we can tell, is keeping his retina attached.  

I want to stress the importance of positioning to everyone.  My husband was very good about positioning after the last surgery and it's been 11 days and he is still attached.  The Silicon Oil was put into the middle of his eye and the vitreous was taken out and replaced with the oil.  It has to stay there for 6-9 months.  His vision is still very limited but I can tell that each day that passes, he sees just slightly more.  Mostly shapes but no real detail yet.  They said that it could take up to 90 days before his sight is at its' max.  He has to live with seeing through a cloud however until it is extracted - it doesn't go away, so we are told, so he would need another surgery to take it out.... yuck.  God has taken us through this very difficult journey.

My question is two-fold, my husband is an avid Tennis player and he is so afraid of detachment again or that his other eye will detach, he is considering giving it up completely.  He is a young retiree and played 4-5 times a week.  Should I convince him to go back to tennis?  

Second, when can we go back to having sex?  He won't let me ask the surgeon and I certainly don't want to hurt him.
Thank you so much for your guidance - and I realize that we also need to consult with our doctor.

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Feb 23, 2016
1. Tennis involves a significant risk risk of eye injury and if did return he would need to wear sports specific eye goggles to protect from being hit with the ball or racket
2. As to the jerking about the head/eye undergoes playing tennis you would need to ask the retina surgeon.
3. Activities like walking and running do not increase the risk of RD and generally not objected to by retina surgeons.
4. Even realizing you've asked me I can't answer. if the RD was spontaneous and not due to previous trauma the risk of RD in the fellow eye can be as high as 5-15%.  So i would not venture an opinion about tennis.
5. Most post cataract surgery instruction sheets give information on resuming sexual activities. In our cataract/IOL its after 1 week. Because RD surgery especially with oil or gas is so unique once again you would need to ask the retina surgeon.


Avatar universal
by jenb532, Mar 22, 2016
Hi there you seem to be very helpful. I had a retinal detachment in 2013 when I was 14 as a result of getting struck into the eye with an indoor hockey stick. I had sclerel buckle, cryopexy and a gas bubble put in. Then 10 days later had a laser procedure. I previously had no eye problems and still see floaters and a light every so often that sometimes can be in the shape of a ball and move is this normal after this kind of thing? I also have slight blurry vision and often see flickering. I cannot go back to a surgeon as they are no longer referring me back since the first year and you can only make an appointment if you think its happening again. I have been up multiple times since, fearing the worst when I saw lights etc. It was all secure then. And I hope it still is. Also my pupil is still bigger than my other one is this normal and can anything be done for this and my iris is a darker shade of blue.

Sorry for the long start. My question is I have stayed away from contact sports like football and basketball and sports like that. I do athletics and horse riding every second week. Do you think horse riding could cause another retinal detachment? I know you can't give a definite answer but I need an opinion please. Should all amusement rides be avoided? As I wouldn't like to risk anything. Do you think that it is wise to stay away from basketball and football and other contact sports. What sports have a low risk??
Thank you. I would really appreciate your advice, as my 17 year old self is always worried. Thanks.

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Mar 22, 2016
Nothing that is helpful about your pupil being larger unless it created a problem with night vision then a drop called alphagan-p can sometimes be used to make the pupil smaller at night.

Horse riding not likely to cause a problem unless you're thrown so I would suggest a helmet and athletic sports goggles. Football bad idea; basketball might be acceptable again if you wear sports specific eye protective goggles. I would avoid amusement rides that jerk, spin, and make you pull g's. Merry go round  ok.  Have your eyes checked annualy by an ophthalmologist.

What is the vision in your injured and uninjured eye?

Avatar universal
by allexfg, Jun 11, 2016

I would be very grateful to you to advise me concerning the possibility to continue to do recreational SCUBA and if yes, with restrictions.

The diagnostic is strong myopia - choroidal myopia:
OS: > -20

in 2002 I had a vitrectomy (using silicon oil), due to a detachment retina and in 2015 a second one which pull off the macula. Today the retina is attached as a silicon oil bula is in my eye

In the same year (2002 after the vitrectomy) the surgeon used laser to cauterize some small tears in retina.
In 2015 (December) I had a cataract surgery which proved to be successful (I wear -2 diopters).

I am an open water certificate (and had 2 dives las years after the surgeries, of course) but I am anyway worry to continue because of my OD intervention.

I mention that my surgeon allowed to continue with SCUBA but I would be very grateful to you to give your opinion.
{SCUBA diving involves equipment which weights around 20 kg, VALSAVA maneuvers...}

Thank you in advance

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Jun 11, 2016
If your retina surgeon has okayed your activities then that is the best advice you can get.

Avatar universal
by Daneyboo, Jun 19, 2016
Hello, I am 18 yrs old and had a retinal detachment on my right eye six years ago. I haven'f gone to the gym since then because I was afraid it would affect my eyes. Will running and jumping, squats, push ups, crunches, etc increase the chances of having retinal detahment again? And what are the activities i cannot perform permanently to avoid getting RD again?

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Jun 20, 2016
You need to very specifically ask the retina surgeon that treated you and who has looked into your eyes.  Generally no restrictions are made on walking, running, swimming. The other exercises you have to ask specifically about.

Avatar universal
by Kati65, Jul 23, 2016
Hello, I'm in 7th week recovery from retinal detachment, break & macula was off as well. So thankful to have caught it within time frame for operation & getting an excellent Dr!
I followed the Dr's instruction to. a T. The gas bubble has almost dissipated & my vision is at 20/70 from that eye ( left eye). Wondering if the elevation restriction is lifted after the gas bubble is gone. Also would like to know if weight lifting effect eye pressure. Thank you !

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Jul 23, 2016
These are generalizations and you should confirm with your surgeon: 1. once the gas/air bubble gone altitude restriction lifted.  2. weight lifting increases the intraocular pressure but not in a way that would likely re-detach the eye once your surgeon gives you the "okay to go back to the things you used to do.

ALSO your other eye is your most important eye and also at much higher risk of RD perhaps as high as 20%. Be sure your surgeon has examined it carefully and not found holes, tears, lattice, RD or anything else that might need prophylactic treatment. Have an ophthalmologist examine your eyes yearly. Live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid activities that might injure your good eye and stay off roller coasters, amusement rides and other things that whip and jerk the head about.

eat a good diet, don't get obese, exercise, don't use tobacco or cannabis, drink alcohol in moderation if you drink at all

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by lathikadas, Aug 11, 2016
Hello from Spain Dr Hagan, thanks for all your kindly answers.
I've been operated from RD 19, May. Silicon oil in eye till, i hope, Nov.
My question: my pupil still dilated. Could silicone oil dificult the pupil to get his normal diametre?, or is a ccompletely different problem.
Thanks a lot
Kind regards

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Aug 11, 2016
It's possible your surgeon has you on a drop that dilates the pupil to keep it at rest. These drops usually have a red top.  Also this type of problem can be associated with permanent damage to the pupil and it could be larger than the other eye or stay the same size as it is now. Talk to your surgeon. Hopefully you are on a dilation drop

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by Mayank_Aggarwal, Sep 16, 2016
Hello Doc, I had a retinal detachment in my left eye in March and subsequent surgery on 15th March 2016 with Silicone Oil. The oil was subsequently removed on 22th June in the next surgery and a Gas Bubble was put in place which got absorbed in a weeks time.
However, after about 3 months I can still a small circular speck in my vision when I look down. My Doc said it is some residual oil has remained on the eye.
I wanted to know if this is common, and will this oil have a long term impact on my eye. Should I undergo another surgery to get it removed.
Also, my recovery has been good, I can see about 6/12, but the vision is still shaky and blurred in parts.
I used to do run marathons and do rock climbing which have been since put on a break. I am skeptical about resuming these activities as I don't want any further degradation/ damage, plus I have only one good eye to work with.  

Avatar universal
by CraigJ_2016, Nov 16, 2016
Is this Blog still active?

If so, a quick question.  Recently had Pars Plana Vitrectomy w/ silicone oil and laser photo coagulation treatment around retinal tears and a hole the surgeon had to make to drain fluid from behind retina.  At my 14 day post-op the surgeon released me to return to work and cleared me for most activities including non-impact exercise like eliptical climbers, swimming, and more.  Have a 90% fill of silicone oil (heard him say this to the Tech during my 14 day post-op exam).

My vision is rather remarkable out of the eye considering the refractive limitations of the oil.  Several months prior I had an acrylic IOL put in (cataract surgery).  My binocular vision for driving is very good (cleared to drive).

Electric razor for shaving and trimmer for haircut is not allowed right now, I would assume that's because it involves a vibrating appliance pressed to the face or skull which may transmit the vibration to the eye

My question is why is the vibration bad, and what about sitting on (riding) a motorcycle that has moderate vibration from the engine and handle bars (Not a Harley Davidson, we're not talking that much vibration but it is still a 90 degree opposed twin cylinder).  

Would not the vibrations from the seat be buffered out enough by the soft tissue and cartilage that resides in the buttocks and spine as well as the handlebar vibration buffered by the arms and shoulders such that it doesn't significantly reach the eyes?  Full face shield D.O.T approved helmet is worn (as well as other safety gear).

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Nov 16, 2016
I have no idea why your surgeon put those restrictions on you. Not something our practice does. You will have to ask your surgeon.

JHagan MD

Avatar universal
by ScottF84, Dec 09, 2016
Hi John, just a question I have about one of your previous responses. You said to avoid smoking cannabis, why is that? What effect can it have on the retina? I have noticed recently that it seems to affect my vision much more than it used to after retinal surgery.

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Dec 09, 2016
Original Investigation
Association Between Regular Cannabis Use and Ganglion Cell Dysfunction    
Thomas Schwitzer, MD; Raymund Schwan, MD, PhD; Eliane Albuisson, MD, PhD; et al
JAMA Ophthalmol.

Published online December 08, 2016. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2016.4761

Cannabis impairs ganglion retina cell function in the retina and central nervous system. (published this week)

Glaucoma treatment worsens with increase cannabis access:


Lots more scary research on adverse effects of cannabis which is being suppressed by "Big Weed" which is just as nefariousness and profit driven as "Big Pharma", Big Food or Big Tobacco.

Avatar universal
by 123zc, Dec 30, 2016
I just had reattachment retina surgery with tear and I certainty consult my own doctor but always curious and respect others opinions on the matter. I like to run mountain desert type trails with lots of bouncing and impact, does this or could this be a possible reason for my detachment and possible detachment again after surgery? Also does elevating the heart rate considerably and blood flow during this be an issue? Thank you!

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Dec 30, 2016
Retinal detachment (RD) surgery is intensely individualized and cannot be generalized like routine cataract surgery. So you must get these clearances from your surgeon. At some point you should be able to return to that type of activity. HR and BP are not factors.

Avatar universal
by Herproblems, Jan 02, 2017
Hi, I hope u respond to my question too. I had cryotherapy for horseshoe retina detachment in one eye and barrage laser for weak spot on the other eye 1 month 20 days ago.  I m a mother with 3 kids between 7 to 2 years old and I m required to lift them, carry them, bathe them, etc. would this risk re-detachment of my eyes? Please advise

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Jan 02, 2017
The answer would be exactly the same as above:  Retinal detachment (RD) surgery is intensely individualized and cannot be generalized like routine cataract surgery. So you must get these clearances from your surgeon. At some point you should be able to return to that type of activity. HR and BP are not factors.

That being said and this is a generalization at about 8-12 weeks most people with your situation can return to normal activites including lifting them. BUT CLEAR THIS WITH YOUR SURGEON>  Also ask your surgeon about going with your kids on "thrill rides" generally it is not advised to do roller coasters, and other "thrill" rides that jerk, torque and snap the head and body.

Avatar universal
by jai_Mech, Jan 23, 2017
My brother had gone to reattachment retina surgery last year in the month of march! His vision is 6/6.My brother is cricket player.  I want to know whether he can return to cricket. or he should need some more time! Thanks doctor!

Avatar universal
by bec5112, Feb 07, 2017
My son had RD Surgery in August 2016. He recently developed high intraocular pressures in the same eye and will probably be having stents placed. He is training for Chicago Marathon in Oct 2017.  He has been told it's ok to run, but what about weight lifting? Thank you.

Avatar universal
by pasj739, Feb 14, 2017
Thanks for all your answers, I have read through and am looking for a couple of clarifications.

Is the recommendation to not do thrill rides a life time change or until full healing some months down the road.

I have worn goggles for basketball for years due to only having one eye and not wanting to get it poked.  I have now had a retina detachment surgery 6 weeks ago.  Before, I played soccer twice a week.  I am waiting on my next appointment to ask my doctor but wanting to prepare if I need to retire from playing.  I'm assuming headers are out of the question now but with the chance of an errant ball to the head from time to time is every playing again an option.  Would goggles or the soccer concussion hats be helpful for this issue or not enough?

Beyond the jerking in a thrill ride, I assume the G-forces are an issue as well.  I occasionally get to hop in a race car.  I realize you can't be exact, but is there a general level of G forces that are safe or ones that I should avoid?
Thank you for your time.

Avatar universal
by hmimou, Mar 06, 2017
i had 2 retinal operations like 4 years ago and another cataract operation in li was thinking of plying some sport i didnt play like in 10 years or so its fitness training to build the body like lifting weights about 10 to 20 kg and running and basic training like pushups legs workout and so on
iwas woundring if it is possible to do this and does it involve any risk of having retinal detachment

thx in advans

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Mar 06, 2017
Retina detachment and retina surgery is singularly unique and, unlike cataract surgery, is hard to generalize about. Therefore you should ask your eye surgeons about your plan. As a generalization most people with the combination of problems would be able to undertake that kind of a fitness program.

Avatar universal
by Popweasel, Mar 14, 2017

Had retina detachment surgery five weeks ago with gas bubble now at about 40 percent. Bumped head today on kitchen cabinet, and small bubble broke away from the large one. Did not affect anything is this something I should be concern about.

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Mar 14, 2017
Generally not but you should touch base with your surgeon's office tomorrow. No likely you'll have to go in.

Avatar universal
by Tsvetan, Apr 07, 2017
Dear Dr. Hagan, first of all I want to thank you for helping us all out here. I had a complete retinal detachment on my right eye 9 years ago. The operation was performed with gas and the retina is still there. Because it took too long before I realized that my retina is detached, now I have a Macula pigmentation in the middle of the macula, which is bothering my focus. In the same time again before 9 years I had many laser operation on my other eye, which had many retinal holes, but not complete detachment. Thanks God, no problems there also until today. All my eye problems I caused alone in the Gym by lifting just too heavy weights. Because of that my doctor forbid me to enter a gym ever again.
Now I live in another country and found new ophthalmologist, who after examination allowed me to train, but nothing extreme. Happy, immediately I run in the Fitness Studio. But after the first training, I had the feeling that something went wrong. Immediately went to the doctor, and he confirmed that there is NO problem and I can train, but nothing extreme. Although I freaked out and still am. The last 9 years I have lifted many heavy things outside the gym (furniture for example). I also am a father of a 3 years old boy and until few days ago lifted him daily without thinking. But now I am completely crazy and don't want to lift even a bottle of water. Now to the question: How likely is it to have new RD after 9 years? Is it possible to lose my eye if eventually have RD again? If I go back to gym ever again, which exercises would not put my eyes at any risk? Thank you for your response. PS. Left eye (-2.5 Dioptres, -2.0 Cylinder at 180°, visum 20/20) Right eye (-3.00 Dioptres, -1.0 Cylinder at 165°, visum 20/40).

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Apr 07, 2017
Tsvetan: First of all I want to say how rewarding it is when people say "thank you" for the time and effort I make to help them. I'm not paid to do this and have a busy practice, edit a medical journal and many other personal and professional obligations.

I am delighted that your RE has 20/40 vision. Sometimes after the problem you had vision is far worse. Second if you see at least annual a well trained ophthalmologist perhaps 2 one a retina ophthalmologist (who usually don't do glasses and other eye problems) and a comprehensive ophthalmologist you will increase odds of picking up retina or other eye problems. Very very important to live healthy lifestye as eyes can be adversely affected by bad living: smoking, narcotics/cannabis, bad diet, obesity, not exercising, etc.

Much of my professional and personal work is devoted to fitness and exercise. I am a former marathoner, triathlons I now swim, walk, bike 6 days/week. I am myopic and have lattice degeneration in each eye so I have modified my fitness to protect my eyes discussing with my retina ophthalmologist.

Contact sports should be avoided if possible. If you played something like basketball or soccer you would need to wear profession eye goggles. Yoga and activities where you stand on your head are no/no.  Walking, running, swimming are great. Boxing in my opinion is a barbaric sport and should be dropped from all school programs and olympics.  question most often is lifting weights. Lift weights every day. I use relatively light weights that I can finish 12-15 reps tired but not to the point of muscle exhaustion. When I can easily do that I increase the weights slightly.  You don't want to be power lifting and maxing out to exhaustion. You should discuss what you want to do with your ophthalmologist who can look in your eye. I doubt your 3 year old puts any strain on you or your eye. Lift him and love him.  Remember all your children and blood relatives will be at higher risk of RD. Your child should have either a highly qualified eye screening by his pediatrician or an exam by a pediatric ophthalmologist within the next year (no later than age 4)

Any amusement rides like roller coasters that whip head and body about should be avoided absolutely.  

You will never be absolutely certain of not having an RD but doing the above the risks are relatively small speaking as a generalization probably 1-2%.  

Avatar universal
by Tsvetan, Apr 07, 2017
Thabk you so much, Dr. Hagan, it is really a relief to hear all this. I never smoked, I never drink or do drugs, basically almost an "angel" :) The roller coaster adventures are the least I would do ever. And my poor son is being delivered to my ophthalmologist since 6 months old, luckily no sign of any problems so far. I really hope my problem is not genetic, but caused from my stupidity only. Thank you once again and please, keep up the good work

177275 tn?1438375244
by JohnHaganMD, Apr 07, 2017
Best of luck and good fortune

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