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Kill me now.

Feb 13, 2010 - 1 comments

valentines day











Tomorrow is my most feared and disliked holiday ever: Valentine's Day. I cannot find any comfort or solace or anything good in this holiday. Its not because I'm single, but I just can't stand it. I mean--its just having to deal with all the 'love' and 'happiness' crap is sickening to me. I cannot stand it. To make things worse, I'm going out tomorrow with my friend to see a movie and if she ditches me there or doesn't show up then that means I'll have to be alone in a movie theater with all the lovey-dovey-pda-attention-****** of the holiday. Oh my god, shoot me please. Please. Please. Please. Oh, and to make it all worse, since this is the sex holiday I won't be able to sleep tonight when they come home and decide to have sex when I'm still awake.

Tomorrow is going to be a ****** day. I am NOT looking forward to this. At all. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend this holiday with someone who gets where I am coming from on this. Hopefully...

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by dawsohs, Feb 13, 2010
Hey, don't worry you aint the only one that hates it , i'm tired of the whole thing it's just a big scam and i have no plans to follow suit this year and get cards and crap for anyone. I'm feeling bery very bitter!!!!! Don't worry though it's only one day and if you can just ignore it and pretend it's just a normal day thats what i will be doing. What a load of crap it's just a money making scheme. ( I could be being overthe top with my emotion this year though as i have cele3brated it in the past but this year has been very bad and therefore ive lost all belief in love and all that mushy crap) take care .......

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