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Feb 21, 2010 - 3 comments

important question


help question


questions please



I hope you can answer my question, i wasnt worryed at first. Didnt even think about it, i was just tryin to ring my doctors coz my first thourght was Right ive come on time to get the injection. and  i just asked if they was open sundays and he said no and then hetext me asking if i was ok and why i needed to see the doctors and i reolised what it must ahve sounded like and then i thourght Hang on i better check actually.

Question: could i still be pregnent, even tho ive just come on my period ??

See  it happened friday ( well actually i guess it was saturday morning at like 4ish!!) and its sunday and ive just come on this morning. Is that lucky or is there still a chance ??

And if so.. When will i be able to check if i am ?? do i still have to wait a week or 2 or could i get a test in like 2 days ??

It might sound stupid but i thought to my self i feel really fat today. like i have a bigger belly.. which is silly coz like i know it would be way to earliy for that. but i thourght it way before reolising about if i could be and also i have never felt this before. ivde never had this much of a blouted belly.


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by bgood240, Feb 21, 2010
yes usally your period is the start of your ovioulation

by Annajones, Feb 22, 2010
Realy!! ??  when should i take a test!?, I took one today even tho i think its way to soon.. but it was negative.

by MissmyAngel, Feb 25, 2010
No you usually ovulate 14 days before you get your period. You should be fine.

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