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Virginity problems

Feb 28, 2010 - 2 comments


I ve never had sex before,not even masturbation. And when i decided to ve sex,my boyfriend said m not a virgin because he didn't have any probled entering me,and he explained to me abt hymen and if it's not there means m not a virgin. And i really don't know what happened with it.

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by missamelia, Feb 28, 2010
hymens can pop on their own during sports or dancing or other activities

by greenbutterfly, Feb 28, 2010
yeah missamelia is right it can pop during all kinds of things! i think he should stop pretending hes a doctor lol but males do think they know everything (mine was trying to tell me that its not possible for me to only have my period every 2-3 months and i must be lying! it got to the point where i took him to my doctor and let my doctor explain it to him lol)
if it really bothers you reaserch it and show him the reaserch?

my husband never had a problem entering me when we first slept together (and he was my first) and he thought he was small but its not that all!! now that im pregnant he finds it very hard lol.. just differnt body types and even different times ofthe month/year etc.. dont worry to much hun f he doesnt believe you he is either not worth it or has his own insecurities....

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