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Jul 04, 2010 - 2 comments


Oh my god, I don't think I can handle this anymore. I keep searching the internet for blogs and stories for hours every day now praying I find someone who can tell me that they had the same post-laparotomy mushroom belly and that it indeed went away. I am so scared my surgeon messed me up for life. I AM SO UGLY NOW.  I'm afraid I am going to have to sue the crap out of her and tell my story to the newspaper or something.
   I keep having nightmares about how ugly I am now.

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by FLGIRL34, Jul 09, 2010
Hey there. I was just looking for an answer to your problem since you have been helping me. In the Ovarian Cist Community
a lot of people are talking about heir swollen bellies after a laparotomy. One person called it "swelly belly". I guess this is a normal thing for a lot of women. Be patient and give it a little time, ok. You are not ugly. I felt like Frankenstein when I came home from my gallbladder surgery and looked in the mirror. I had 32 staples in my belly. And to think that not long before that I was actually complaining about a few stretch marks. I thought I would never get over having this giant scar forever. But, now it is just a part of me. I don't even ever think about it now. When I do look at it I am just reminded that it is a symbol that I am alive. You are going to be ok too. Stay strong and please don't ever call yourself ugly. OK.

by butterflysky, Jul 09, 2010
it is very common after anesthia to have a swollen belly for days after.... hopefully this is the case with you.
Call the doctor and speak to them about it asap. There is always someone on-call.
No need to worry & stress if its normal.

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