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Remedy abnormal scars (keloids) with iodine

Sep 15, 2010 - 1 comments

Remedy abnormal scars (keloids) with iodine
Generally, scars are relatively flat to the skin surface. Occasionally, however, an unusual
scarring response occurs in which the scar tissue “piles up.” These sorts of
scars are called keloids.
Usually, keloids are elevated only slightly above the skin surface, but
sometimes they rise as much as half an inch or even more. There’s no patent
medicine that effectively prevents or treats keloids.
Natural medicine offers a safe and permanent treatment for
keloids: potassium iodide (SSKI). SSKI must be rubbed into the keloid at
least twice daily (more applications offer even better results) for several
months to more than a year, depending on the severity of the keloid. Be
patient, because progress often isn’t obvious for two to three months.
Despite the somewhat lengthy treatment period, persistence pays off.
Eventually, SSKI will diminish a keloid scar until it’s “just an ordinary scar,”
flat to the skin surface again. When this has been achieved, the SSKI
applications can be discontinued. The keloid won’t re-establish itself.
Since the passage of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education
Act of 1995, SSKI has been available over-the-counter in a few locations.
If you can’t find it in a natural food store near you, contact the Tahoma
Clinic Dispensary  at (888)893-6878
Using SSKI on the skin surface, as in the treatment of keloids, is very
safe unless you have an iodine allergy. Please DO NOT swallow SSKI or
any other form of iodine unless you’re certain of the safety of the dose
you’re using and of the length of time it’s safe to take it! If there’s any
doubt at all, work with a physician-member of the American College for
Advancement in Medicine  or the
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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by diaria1, Jul 26, 2013
Hello I am writing from India Bangalore
I hav started my keloid treatment with potassium iodide and I am applying Potassium iodide N/50
Pla tell me if its correct?
Waiting for your reply
Pls do revert

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