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8 Year old Girl with new spitting habit

Aug 25, 2008 - 4 comments





spitting on floor




8 year old

My daughter just turned 8 and recently starting spitting randomly throughout the house whenever she feel like it; on the floors throughout the house (Hard floors or carpeted), in her room, in the kitchen sink (once with dishes in the sink), even on my bedroom floor. She does not hide to do this, but when confronted, she gets embarrassed.  When asked, why, she said she does not know.  Tonight, she spat on my bedroom floor and as a punishment,  I sent her to her room without any access to the television, or video games.  The only thing she was allowed to do is read a book.  She came back to my room 3 times, once to ask if I turned on the alarm (which she always seems to be concerned about) and the 2nd time while crying, to ask me if she can play her video games.  FYI: She never allows anyone to see her cry, ever since she was a baby…After the 2nd visit I told her she’s not allowed to leave her room until she can give me an explanation as to why she continues to spit on the floor.
After 10 minutes, she came back and told me that she remembered while playing on the playground the last week of school before summer vacation, a bug flew in her mouth and since then she always feels as though she has a bug in her mouth which give her the urge to spit.  So then I asked her, why not in the restroom, she claims, she is lazy.  I don’t believe lazy is the cause, because, once I found saliva on the floor, in the restroom, next to the toilet after she finished using the restroom...PLEASE HELP!

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by jeh57, Aug 25, 2008
This is really daughter done this when she was a girl......her reasoning was....a hair got in her mouth and from then on,she felt like she needs to spit!!! She would spit everywhere,too.........................I would get on to her,but it never done a bit of good!!! She would spit in ashtrays(we didn't smoke,but we had one for company)...she spit on the porch....the sink....out the window of the car.....everywhere........the urge would hit her and she would spit!!!!

She is 30 yrs. old now........................still spits!! I know,never will understand it!! I hoped she would outgrow it..never did!!

About the crying....she never cried either.....she kept things bottled up...still the same!!!

This would about drive me crazy at times....especially in public....she would spit when we were at the front of people......................I had not throught about this in so many yrs.....she never stopped the spitting!!! Good luck!!!

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by lew120, Apr 21, 2009
My daughter is four and she just started spitting and holding saliva in her mouth. It is driving my husband and I CRAZY. She will ask us numerous times a day if she has hair in her mouth! A lot of times she will not swallow until we reassure her that she dosent have hair in her mouth. We are to the point where we want to take her to the doctor!

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by lilyn, Apr 12, 2012
take \her to the doctor is a great concern for that possibly neurologic or behabioral

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by lilyn, Apr 12, 2012
i has a grandson 9 year old,hes sensorial autistic very funtional..this happened after he has food poison in the school annd startt vomiting in all the house his mother was heading from her work and found hinself alone and panick. he was at the pediatric office because start spitting ,he was transfer to the children hospital and they are sending him to a neurology because can be a neurological concern.this boy start spitting after the food poison and can be behabioral due to panick attack.the pediatritian mention-trauma psycological or neurolgical like a tik or taurette.

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