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what a week!

Nov 04, 2010 - 2 comments

my grandfather passed away today. I've been at the Hospice center with my family all week. hence the no testing and/or charting... my stomach is a mess... I'm so stressed. I woke up this morning and had started my period... and then at 1:10 I watched my grandfather take his last breath... I'm just so relieved that he's no longer in any pain...   *sigh*

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by Amay82, Nov 06, 2010
So sorry about your grandfathers Passing . . . I was with my Grandfather as well the day he passed away , I was holding his hand and only 15yrs old . . . It was so hard to watch him go but even more hard watching him Suffer for 8 years  . . . But at lease he is not suffering anymore and went to a better place .

I am also sorry that I have not written you lately , MedHelp has not been letting me view anything but my own , and now i think whatever it was is fixed now . . . I am so frustrated that i still have not gotten any BFP's , I am going to give myself till March and then find a local doctor who has been here a long time and not sent over sea's who I can't understand ( so frustrating ) . . . I finally O'd again so I am starting yet another long two week wait , but am hoping it fly's by . . . I have been keeping myself busy with ( Curling ) it started up 4 weeks ago . . . it is only one day a week ( Friday's ) but it helps . . . We have won all out games so far so that is a plus .

Have a nice weekend , I send you my sympathy as well . . . Take it easy and rest some !

by jessta, Nov 07, 2010
curling??? you won games??? so lost! lolz!!!   My grandpa found out he had cancer Sept. 10th 2010. it took him that quick. It was really sad......

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