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Is it gas or the baby??

Nov 22, 2010 - 1 comments

fetal movement


baby moving




15 weeks pregnant

Today Ive been having (pretty constant) gurgling/bubble like feeling in my stomach....grrr
I cant tell if its gas or the baby? I wish I knew for sure! Its driving me crazy wondering whats happening down really is pretty constant...thats what is making me think its gas?

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by julianovak, Nov 23, 2010
your stomache wouldnt make noise.... if you did indeed feel movement its very different from gas (at least for me in both pregn)...... its more like a tickly butterflies wings?!!! lol. if i make sense. And i also get like pops right above the pelvic bone..... sometimes SOMETIMES on the side again really low near hipbones. "movement" would occur very low, near pelvis, near hipbones.  hope i helped!!!!

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