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Starting Femara 5 mg today

Nov 23, 2010 - 7 comments



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I am starting my 5mg today of Femara, I am hoping for no side effects.

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by Risa615, Nov 23, 2010
Good luck, I have done well on femara with little side effects.  When do you go back for an u/s?

by Sobie, Nov 24, 2010
Not sure they wanted me to go in yesturday cd3 but I had lost track of time so did not go. I will have to call and see what they want to do. I hate going bc my insurance dont pay since he is putting it in as infer but if he puts it in as gyn it will be pais for. but will see.

by TinaR10, Nov 24, 2010
I pray u get that christmas baby

by Sobie, Nov 24, 2010
Aww thanks so much mama,,, I hope you get that BFP this week, girl go do that blood test..

by sherrycoup, Nov 24, 2010
Good luck with the femara!!!!! 2 more weeks until I see my Ob again

by RainLos27, Nov 24, 2010
Good Luck Sobie!!! I did Femara 2.5 mg, two tablets daily from 5-7cd. I didn't have any issues at all! Good luck! I will keep you in my prayers!

by Sobie, Nov 24, 2010
Thanks girls...Yeah I started yesturday and I take them at nigh, I take them cd3-7 and I hope to Ov and get that sticky bean this month...

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