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Struggling with ankle pain...

Jan 11, 2011 - 5 comments

Ankle pain












ankle fusion

I am struggling with ankle pain and no response really from my pain management or ortho doctor.  The only feedback I got was there is not a hardware failure... well, even if there is not there is still something wrong! IT HURTS! I mean I often cry at night in pure unforgiving pain.  I just need my doctor to listen to me, to increase my medicine or here's an idea fix what's wrong! It's not my fault the lady pulled out in front of me but I tell you, I am the one who is suffering.  It's just not fair... and with no insurance I have to pay for my medicine which is $120 for one and $100 for the other.  That's alot for someone making $9hr.  I posted three new x-rays to my profile... take a look... does it look normal to you or like it has to hurt! because it looks just awful to me.  Attached is one of the x-rays... it appears as if it has not fused all the way.... but it has been since 2008.... I could just cry thinking about it.

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by Going2WinN2010, Jan 11, 2011
Hey sweetie Just wanted to start by saying  Oh my god I am SO sorry for your suffering...suffering with pain- Suffering with the cost of everything due to something you didn't cause, suffering from lack of compassion & understanding from the DOCTORS. I hate that you have to suffer such an excruciating pain my god the X Rays ...that just looks painful as hell!!
I will say many MANY prayers for you....Boy do I know what it's like not to have a doctor(s) LISTEN to you..

you are in my thoughts and prayers

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by skmedlin27703, Jan 11, 2011
Thank you for the kind words.... atleast I know now I am just not seeing the x-rays in tunnel vision... they do look horrid.  And still I wait here hoping the doctor will call or the nurse... someone from that office to acknowledge something is wrong.  I was just there last week and my pain doctor is the one who said my foot looked something awful and ordered the x-rays to begin with... and now I can't get them to call me back to say anything except you can come in and be seen... And then, my blood pressure rises... as I remind them I was just there less than a week ago and I have no insurance... I cannot afford to take off work and pay for a visit when he just saw me! It still hurts just as bad as it did when I was there!  Thank you for understanding!

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by bluebird777, Jan 11, 2011
sorry your doctor is not listening to you. raised blood pressure should be his first clue that you are in pain. i know how it is not having insurance and having to deal with medical issues. It can be costly and exhausting!

I hope you get some answers soon! I also pray that you are able to get your pain under control.

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by bingo40, Jan 14, 2014
I broke my ankle 4 years ago in 3 different places and also dislocated..i have 1 plate 5 screws and 2 pins....I am havin terrible burning pain and burning sensation in it always .....I have mentioned it to the  facture clinic doctor but they say there is no reason for is startin to get to me.....between sleepless nites and findin it hard to sleep I am at my wids end........what could the pains mean

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by bingo40, Jan 14, 2014
should of said burning sensation and sharp pains like pins and needles in the ankle

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