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Hey bad news

Feb 04, 2011 - 8 comments





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GOOD NEWS: the baby is fine...BAD NEWS: My husband left me i found out he has been cheating on me since Nov...Im devastated im going to have to raise my little one all by myself pray for me...i haven't worked in two years I'm completely at a lost I might loose everything

Baby #3 due to preseed
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1217293 tn?1467357944
by Risa615, Feb 04, 2011
Oh no, so sorry to hear this.  Although I hope somehow it could workout, prepare yourself by getting paper work that you are legally separated so you will not be liable for anything that he does while you are living apart.  I know this is a super hard time, but you need extra support right now from family and friends so you can make it though this difficult time.  Praying for you and baby.

1579231 tn?1313635944
by dtravis87, Feb 04, 2011
Im glad the baby is fine and I understand how devastating it must be but at the same time your much better off without him! you deserve someone that wont cheat on you and will treat you and your child with the respect you deserve. Im sure you wouldnt want your child to be raised by someone like that and although you havnt  worked in two years you wont loose everything if anything he will because usually the way it works with a divorce is it either 50/50 and once your child is born he will be paying you child support and possibly spousal support so I wouldnt be to worried I would concentrate on you and your baby and getting a good lawyer so you can take his cheating spineless behind to the cleaners :)

1396867 tn?1433524301
by hopeitworks, Feb 04, 2011
We have some same friends. Im so sorry for what you are going through. Im glad to hear your little one is well. In the end everything will work out. Its hard to see that now but it will be. Best of luck


1287017 tn?1391057752
by DellaKemp, Feb 04, 2011
Oh love, I am soo sorry. You don't deserve this at all. I will pray that God gives you comfort and peace. You and your children will be just fine. I'm here if you need to talk. Praying for you

1530342 tn?1405020090
by MrsPincince, Feb 05, 2011 sorry to hear that. Look at it this way, God showed u the truth so you don't have to go through this forever. His loss not yours. All will be well. May God grant you the strength you need to get through this. Always remember...What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger..

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by babydreamr, Feb 05, 2011
What kind of @hole cheats on his pregant wife?  Trust me, it is painfull now but you are better off with out him.  If he could do this to you now, he is not someone you could ever trust again.  Good luck to the loser that dates a married man and helps to split up a familiy - these women inevitably end up getting cheated on themselves and then act shocked. Wonder if this girl knows he was actively going through fertily treatments with you while he was dating her?

Life works in mysterious ways, and this little angel inside of you is going to help get you through this.  

1487763 tn?1360376013
by kayharris601, Feb 06, 2011
He called yesterday to come back....He just left tuesday really?? He is in a different state than me and his mistress I wonder what made him decide to come back into my life...He is not ready for me I doubt it very seriously...He said he bought a new car for us?? Really I don't need this while I'm pregnant these emotional rollercoasters and the mistress is causing so much drama!!! She is constantly trying to make me look bad... Telling people things she even calledub the police on me which nothing happened, but i'm sure when the hubby left he second guessed his decision and pissed her off...

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by sweetpea03, May 05, 2011
I'm sorry you are going through this. It must be tough. Let him prove to you that he is trustworthy again and don't just let him back in without any changes being made.

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